Alex Rodriguez Wants MLB Players and Teams to Work Together to Save Baseball

Alex Rodriguez Wants MLB Players and Teams to Work Together to Save Baseball

As with many other sports across the globe, baseball is struggling amidst the coronavirus pandemic. With training schedules canceled, games thrown out of the loop, and the prospect of a relatively normal 2020 MLB season going out of the window, it seems as though players, teams, coaches, and owners alike are having to put their heads together to come up with a solution that works for everybody. However, this isn’t easy – and Alex Rodriguez has now decided to have his say on the matter.

A legend in the game

Of course, anyone who is a fan of baseball will know that Alex Rodriguez is kind of a big deal. While he may no longer be an active player, he’s still a legend in the game thanks to his impressive career with 22 seasons. Although he spent much of his life training with the New York Yankees, Alex has developed a huge love for the game overall, and he now serves as a broadcaster who has a lot to say about the sport. However, his love doesn’t end there. Reports have noted that Alex and his fiancé, Jennifer Lopez, are also in the midst of buying their very own baseball team. So, you could say that he’s a major player in a game that he no longer plays.

Unprecedented times

Due to his involvement in the sport, Alex knows more than ever that baseball is dealing with unprecedented times. With 25% of the league canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, experts are predicting that we could see around 50% of the league being played eventually – but that’s only if things start to pick up soon. Of course, this has taken a major toll on the league, with many of the top dogs trying to work out how the games can be played while keeping players and fans safe. The general consensus from MLB is that they call for an 82-game season and a 14-team postseason, with fans not allowed to attend the games.

Losing a lot of money

However, MLB owners could lose around $640,000 per home game if the season is held without fans, and it seems as though they’re not too happy about that. In a live video posted on his social media pages, Alex Rodriguez decided to speak up about the divide between owners and players. He noted that baseball “is the people’s comfort food and people are starving,” and that “This is actually when the owners and players are aligned, and we want the same thing. We want to save baseball. We want to play baseball.” His heartfelt plea to the top dogs out there has been seen by over 560,000 people and liked by over 3,000. However, it’s now known whether his remarks will have any impact on the final decision.

As the coronavirus war wages on, it’s unknown what’s in store for baseball. We hope something will be sorted out, though.