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You’ll Need $12 Million For A Reservation At This Private Island’s Restaurant In Miami

How much would you be willing to pay for a great meal? When food tastes amazing, people are often willing to open their wallets for it. However, would you be prepared to spend as much as $12 million on one meal? After all, that’s how much it costs just to reserve a spot at one private island restaurant in Miami.

La Piazza is an expensive new addition to Miami

Getting a reservation at an exclusive eatery is always tricky because you have to book months in advance. However, La Piazza in Miami adds the extra challenge of having a significant fortune in your bank account just to get a table. The restaurant is a relatively new addition to Fisher Island, well-known as being one of the most expensive areas in the entirety of the US. Given its location, it’s probably no surprise that it costs a lot to eat here. However, even by wealthy standards, $12 million is still a lot to spend for a meal.

Only local residents are allowed to eat at this restaurant

Of course, potential diners don’t actually have to pay $12 million every time they want to eat here. The high cost is tied to the fact that only residents of the island’s condo development, Palazzo Della Luna, are allowed to eat here. So, you need to have a property in the area if you want to enjoy the restaurant, with prices for this accommodation starting around $12 million. On the bright side, that means that a meal at La Piazza is comparatively much cheaper once you own a condo. However, not many people actually have the funds to buy one of these properties.

The restaurant has a rotating menu of exceptional dishes

Buying a property in this development purely to eat at La Piazza might not seem worth it. However, given that only Miami’s elite dines here, you can at least trust that the food will be exceptional. Ingredients for the restaurant’s meals are reportedly either locally-sourced or organic, with the menu changing every week. Examples of the dishes you might find here include braised octopus, seared lamb chops, and filetto di manzo. Each meal is as delicious as it sounds, although whether any of them are worth $12 million probably depends on how much you love food.

This condo development offers plenty of additional perks

Most people probably want to get their money’s worth if they buy such an expensive condo. Fortunately, you get more than just accommodation and access to La Piazza if you buy a property here. Residents are also entitled to a butler-serviced bar, sunset pools, private treatment rooms, and some of the best views in Miami. Moreover, you get to enjoy being neighbors with plenty of notable stars, such as Oprah Winfrey, Manuel Medina, and Caroline Wozniacki.

Given the entrance fee, most people will probably give La Piazza a miss whether they want to or not. However, for those who just so happen to have $12 million lying around, this place could become their new favorite restaurant.