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You Can Now Eat In A Social Distancing Greenhouse At This Restaurant In Amsterdam

You probably don’t need us to tell you that the world is a little strange right now. Millions of people have been inside their homes for weeks and even months on end, and it seems as though getting used to the “new normal” is something that’s going to take some time. For most people, it’s the little things that they miss the most, like being able to catch up with their friends in a local cafe over coffee, heading to their grandma’s house for a slice of cake, or eating out at a restaurant. Many eateries across the globe are coming up with new ideas to ensure that they can get back to work and start serving their customers again, and this restaurant in Amsterdam has got it spot on.

Closing up shop

In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, restaurants across the globe have had to close up shop and bid their customers a temporary farewell. Due to rising infection numbers and rules in terms of social distancing, it seemed impossible that restaurants would be able to open up again – but the human race is pretty resilient. Many eateries around the world have opened up their kitchens once more to serve people for take-out only, and there are even others who have created DIY recipe boxes so that their customers don’t have to miss out on their delicious recipes at home.

Getting outside the house

However, many people are still eager to get out of their houses and get back to a relatively normal way of life, which is why one restaurant in Amsterdam has come up with a completely unique idea. The safety of their staff and customers is paramount, but they also know that people love to be able to sit somewhere that isn’t their dining table and be served delicious food that they haven’t cooked. So, they have added greenhouses to their restaurant decor.

Heading outside

It’s important to note that these greenhouses are not inside the restaurant building, but are instead perched just outside of the restaurant – right on the edge of a beautiful canal. Created as “glass concept houses,” this concept by the Mediamatic Eten restaurant allows customers to recreate the restaurant experience they know and love, without coming into contact with any other diners, or even any of the waiting staff. The houses can seat three people at a time, and long planks are added to the edge of the table for the waiting staff to do their job. When it comes to topping up wine glasses or putting dishes on the table, they simply place the items on the wooden plank and then walk away. The diners can then bring them closer to them without breaking any social distancing rules. For their shift, waiting staff also wear gloves and face shields.

So far, the concept behind this new restaurant has proved to be so popular they are now booked up for months on end.