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Why Lebanon Is a Top Destination for Foodies

There are many well-known food destinations around the world where people visit to sample some of the finest cuisines. Lebanon is beginning to show the world just how good its cuisine is, and this is why the country is now a top destination for foodies.

People already love Lebanese food

They might not know it, but lots of people already have a deep love for Lebanese food. More people of Lebanese origin live outside the country than in it, so the food has traveled around the world already. Those delicious meals have been shared with many different cultures, and foods like hummus, falafels, and even tacos are traced back to Lebanon. We are familiar with many Lebanese foods, although tasting them in their country of origin is a completely different experience.

Beirut, being the capital city, is a foodie’s dream because everywhere you look is an amazing meal just waiting to be eaten. There is no way you can visit Lebanon and not enjoy some hummus, but there are also many alternatives that must be tasted, like variations made from eggplant or nuts. Falafels in Beirut will taste unlike anything you have ever had before. If you thought you loved falafel already, wait until you try the original recipe which dates back centuries.

The hits keep coming

There is so much more to Lebanese food than just hummus and falafel, although those two things alone are amazing. Another classic dish that has to be tried in Lebanon is shawarma, which is a pita filled with beautifully moist grilled meat. The meat is cooked on a rotating spit, which means by the time it is ready to be eaten it is charred to perfection.

Breakfast is also a special time to have a meal, and one common meal many people have is manousheh. This is a thin-crust Lebanese variation of a pizza, which comes smothered in za’atar, a sesame and thyme paste that has a lot of tang. The best thing about most of the traditional foods of Lebanon is that they are budget-friendly, so you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the local delicacies.

Little dishes

While there are main meals that are amazing on their own, one of the best ways to enjoy Lebanese food is a Mezza. This is basically a huge collection of appetizers, but there is more than enough in this course to fill a hungry belly. Most restaurants offer a selection to choose from, including hummus, baba ganoush, falafel, and a selection of raw and cooked meats.

The fruit in Lebanon is also very good, and you may want to wash down your meal with a refreshing fruit juice from a market stall. Another local delicacy, which does sound a little strange, is sandwiches with fries inside. Sure it’s double carbs, but fries are big in Lebanon, so the combination of fried meat, hummus, pits, and fries just seems to work.

Lebanon is full of culinary treats. You can go there on a budget and have your fill, or push the boat out and try some of the finest restaurants in the world.