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Which Cities Have the Best Coffee in the World?

There’s nothing like starting the day with a warm cup of joe. Of course, there’s more than just one type of coffee to enjoy out there. There are so many different varieties of the stuff, and each city seems to have its own take on the beverage. The question is, which ones have the best cups around?

Portland (Oregon)

There are several cities in the U.S. that stand out for their range of coffees. However, it’s Portland in Oregon that’s really caught our attention. The beverages produced here are more creative than most, with the beans typically sustainably-sourced and brewed on a smaller scale. You’ll find hundreds of independent shops in Portland offering some of the finest coffee available in the United States. It’s a hipster paradise for sure, but these delicacies can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone.

Oslo (Norway)

A lot of people in Scandinavia love drinking coffee. Considering how cold it gets there, we’re not surprised. Finland and Norway are both apparently bursting with caffeine addicts, with the people of Oslo particular fans of the stuff. It seems they have a preference for lighter roasts like kokekaffe, where the beverage is made in a more traditional way. Not only is the drink delicious, but it’s also best enjoyed in one of the many coffee shops spread around the city. Here, comfort takes center stage as you indulge in your piping hot cup of joe.

Rome (Italy)

If there’s anywhere in the world that’s known for drinking coffee, it’s Italy. So many people love drinking the stuff here, especially in Rome. However, they’re very particular about how you should enjoy this drink. For instance, you should never ask to get a beverage to go, nor should you have a cappuccino after lunch. The rules might seem strange, but the drinks are absolutely worth it. Even a standard black coffee goes down a treat, and it doesn’t need anything added to it to achieve perfection.

São Paulo (Brazil)

Brazil is another country that’s commonly associated with coffee, especially as it’s the largest exporter of the stuff in the world. In São Paulo, there are shops and cafes selling the stuff around almost every corner, and with good reason. The beverage is as good as you’d expect from here, especially if you order the cafezinho. This is a small cup of filtered coffee with some sugar mixed in for that extra kick. It will have you caffeine crazy for the rest of your time in the city.

Vienna (Austria)

Vienna has been celebrating coffee since the 1600s, so you know that you can trust the drinks on offer here. The city has an excellent range of beverages, from their wiener melange to their einspänner coffee. Both of these drinks are topped with whipped cream because why not. They can be enjoyed across hundreds of different coffee houses, all of which will make you feel welcome, no matter who you are.

Coffee is beloved around the world, but these cities really know how to brew a cup of joe.