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Where To Try Traditional Christmas Meals Across The Planet

There are few things that tend to be better than Christmas itself. However, we might need to remember that many factors play a part in making Christmas festive. Sure, decorations and carols have their place during the holidays, but one question remains: where can we try traditional Christmas meals across the planet?

Malva Pudding – South Africa

Even though South Africa enjoys summer Christmas, this doesn’t stop locals from enjoying a warm dessert after their meal. Malva pudding is a favorite amongst many South African families, and Christmas doesn’t feel the same. This creamy vanilla sponge-like pudding is caramelized on top with various variants, ranging from liqueurs to maple syrup. This absorbs the juices and makes for a succulent treat. The trick is to let the liquid sink in just as the cake comes out of the oven.

Beigli – Hungary

Beigli is a traditional sweet delicacy enjoyed in Hungary during Christmas time. It originated during the 19th Century and came to Hungary during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Due to its long-standing heritage and history, Beigli is made differently depending on where you find yourself. The dense pastry rolled into a log is covered with sugary goodness, while the inside is stuffed tightly with poppy seeds or walnuts. Thankfully, this delicious dish is served all across Central Europe during the festive season.

Kahk - Egypt
Source: Tasty

Kahk – Egypt

Kahk means cookies, and has been an ancient tradition of making baked goods since the rise of the pharaohs. These cookies are very similar to shortbread in their texture. However, they usually get filled with different varieties of stuffing. Depending on where you enjoy these beautiful cookies, these can range from nuts to cinnamon. Usually, Kahk is presented as a gift to other family members during the time of Christmas.

Buñuelos – Mexico

Buñuelos are made from dough that is fried, before it’s usually covered with either sugar or syrup to add a sweet taste. You will find different flavors and aromas used in making Buñuelos depending on what region of Mexico you find yourself in. Sometimes, flavors can be as complex as almond or sweet potato. Other times, it can be as simple as dusting the fried dough with sugar. Whatever the case may be, Buñuelos is a tantalizing treat that brings festive joy to every taste bud.

Bibingka - The Philippines
Source: Rezel Kealoha

Bibingka – The Philippines

Filipinos enjoy Bibingka as a fantastic breakfast dish after their traditional masses during the holidays. This particular rice dessert was initially made to be presented as gifts to honored guests. Nowadays, it is a festive dish that can be enjoyed anytime. Bibingka is made from a batter, usually served in a terracotta dish. Underneath the batter is a banana leaf, and the mixture is generally steamed in a traditional clay oven using coals.

Christmas is indeed a time to warm our hearts and our bellies. It’s clear that many people worldwide enjoy the festive season by eating delicious meals, which is great for those who want to take their taste buds on a festive adventure and try traditional Christmas meals across the planet.