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Where To Get Your Hands On The Best Steak When Visiting Walt Disney World

At Walt Disney World, you’re never short of places to eat. The resort is so big that there are more than 200 places to get some food. Of course, what’s on offer varies from one dining spot to another. If it’s a steak that you’re in the mood for, you won’t find it everywhere around the park. However, some excellent restaurants do have this dish on the menu.

Boatwright’s Dining Hall

For a casual American dining experience in a creative setting, Boatwright’s Dining Hall is always ideal. Established in a former boat warehouse, this restaurant is full of southern charm with plenty of delicious meals to boot. Seeing as steaks are one of the many specialties in The South, it’s perhaps no big surprise that the ones served here are exceptional. Anyone in the family that’s craving this dish ought to leave this spot feeling satisfied.

Teppan Edo

If you’re looking for Japanese-style dining during your stay at Walt Disney World, Teppan Edo is definitely a restaurant to consider. Its Asian dishes are delectable, although they’re not the only thing on the menu worth eating. This is another location where steak is usually cooked to perfection, so it’s an excellent place to stop in if you’re at Epcot. Even if you’re not, it’s worth venturing over here for the wonderful menu and generous portions.


Not looking for an Asian-inspired experience? What about an African one instead? At Jiko, the cuisine features a blend of traditional African and Mediterranean food that rarely disappoints. Taking inspiration from its location in the Animal Kingdom, the vibrant flavors are truly something special. Of course, the restaurant wouldn’t be on this list if it didn’t serve amazing steak, which it absolutely does. Your mouth will be in heaven after enjoying what some say is the best steak they’ve ever eaten.

Yachtsman Steakhouse

A good place to go if there aren’t any kids in your party is Yachtsman Steakhouse. More upscale than some of the other restaurants in the vicinity, it has some excellent cuts of beef that will definitely get your mouth watering. With a brilliant selection of drinks that complement the dishes perfectly, this restaurant isn’t somewhere you’ll forget anytime soon. Not only is it one of the best places for steak in Disney World, but it’s also probably one of the best places for this food in the world.

Shula’s Steak House

Given the restaurant’s name, you know that steak is definitely on the menu here. If you’re staying at the Dolphin Hotel, then this place is certainly the most convenient when you’re in need of a good meal. The succulent steaks come generously portioned on a plate that will quickly banish any traces of hunger. If you’re with people who aren’t that into steak, the restaurant also specializes in seafood, serving things like crab cakes and salmon that are just as appetizing.

Wherever you are in Walt Disney World, there’s usually somewhere nearby serving steak. However, if you want the best dishes on offer, these are the restaurants to seek out.