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We Finally Know The Best US Cities For Foodies

Eating our way across the US might be a goal for many of us, but unless we get an extended time off work and an infinite budget, it might be something that’s tough to achieve. Thankfully, we can take a tour of the States and know where to go as we finally know the best US cities for foodies.

San Francisco, California

There is plenty to love about San Francisco. One of the things on that list is how it’s one of the best US cities for foodies, especially thanks to the amount of fresh seafood on the menu. Then comes the higher-end dining options that include the host of Michelin star restaurants found across the city. Of course, we can’t forget the various pastries on offer, too.

New York City, New York

It’s the City That Never Sleeps and a top US city for foodies. That’s right; we’re talking about New York City. There are plenty of Michelin star restaurants for those looking for a slice of the finer things in life. However, there are also plenty of smaller diners, such as the home of the rainbow bagel and a host of food trucks.

Charleston, South Carolina

Believe it or not, but Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the US. This paints the perfect backdrop for foodies, who can enjoy everything from upscale restaurants to casual diners to neighborhood markets. Dishes in Charleston are varied and diverse, but being such a popular city for foodies means you might have to make some reservations ahead of time.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is about more than a good party. The city is also filled with a host of spots to eat that won’t break the bank. The cheap options on offer are one of the many reasons foodies can’t help but enjoy themselves in New Orleans. Have no fear; keeping costs low doesn’t mean you have to miss out on quality.

Houston, Texas

Heading to the south will offer foodies plenty of meat varieties, something Houston has earned a reputation for in recent years. Thankfully, these have also been blended into more diverse dining options. Do we even need to mention Tex Mex? Believe it or not, but Houston is also home to plenty of international dishes, such as a thriving Vietnamese food scene.

Los Angeles, California

It might come as little surprise that Los Angeles is one of the top US cities for foodies across the nation. That’s because the city is famous for having a diverse choice of meals on the menu. The food trucks serve just about everything from Mexican to Japanese to Korean food. Plus, there are several gastro-restaurants and plant-based diners found around just about every corner in Los Angeles.

It seems we finally know the best US cities for foodies. The best bit? There is never any shortage of things to take our taste buds on an adventure without having to travel too far for the next best meal. The US really does have it all when it comes to cuisine.