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Top Places To Eat And Drink In New Orelans’ French Quarter

If you want to enjoy the authentic New Orleans experience, then you’re going to have to venture into the French Quarter. The food here is one of the main attractions, so enjoy some traditional New Orleans cuisine at these great French Quarter eateries.

Eat New Orleans

If you’re looking for local flavors, then one of your first stops has to be Eat New Orleans. The restaurant provides plenty of southern and Cajun dishes to keep you coming back for more. Some of the delicacies on offer at Eat New Orleans include barbecue shrimp, blackened catfish, crawfish pie, gumbo, and andouille chips.


This family-owned Creole restaurant has been running since 1992 and is a favorite for locals. The hearty and home-style cooking always goes down a treat, especially when you are tucking into Irene’s signature bolognese or crispy duck. A feast is definitely on the menu at Irene’s, so make sure you go in ready to eat your weight in quality Creole cooking.



When all the locals turn up to eat at a place, you know it’s a good spot to get some food. Galatoire’s is one of the most historic restaurants in the French Quarter, and on any given Friday the family-run restaurant will have a line stretched around the block. The atmosphere is as important as the food at Galatoire’s, and if you can find a spot in the downstairs dining hall among the locals, then you must. It’s best if you get whatever the waiter suggests for you because they really know their stuff, but the soft-shell crab is a delight.

Killer Poboys

If you’re not local, then you probably should taste some of New Orleans’ delicacies before you leave. One thing the city is known for is its po’ boys, and Killer Poboys is one of the best in the French Quarter. Killer Poboys is not afraid to get creative with a classic, and you can taste an original po’ boy, or go for something completely different at this establishment. Local favorites include roast sweet potato, glazed pork belly, and Gulf shrimp, but there are so many great poboys to choose from you’ll be coming back to try the entire menu.


If you want to eat in the heart of the French Quarter, then you can’t go wrong with Tableau. The restaurant offers diners the chance to eat on their balcony that overlooks Jackson Square. From here you can watch the hustle and bustle go by on the streets below as you tuck into some grilled fish curry. Seafood is the order of the day at Tableau, and if you don’t feel like eating the curry, then the crab claws and oysters will keep you satisfied.

When visiting somewhere new, one of the best things you can do is to experience the local cuisine. When the food is as world-famous as the New Orleans cuisine, it would be a shame if you missed out on these amazing French Quarter eating and drinking hotspots.