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This Might Just Be The Best Street Food Found In Paris

Traveling the world can open our minds to all kinds of things. What about taking your taste buds on an adventure all of their own? If that sounds like your idea of a good time, then it could be the best time to think about the best street food found in Paris.

Frenchie To Go

If you want to enjoy French ingredients that have been given an American makeover, then look no further than Frenchie To Go. Customers can enjoy all kinds of flavor combinations, such as rye bread stuffed with red-cabbage coleslaw and house-cured pastrami. Almost everything on the menu is made fresh that day, and it can all be washed down with some of the local drinks on offer.

Fric Frac

Paris is no stranger to famous dishes, including the Croque monsieur. These are toasted cheese and ham sandwiches that are usually topped with more melted cheese and creamy béchamel sauce. Heading to Fric Frac means you can not only enjoy the meal, but you can also take in the wonderful scenery that surrounds this famous eatery.


Perhaps you want some authentic street food found in Paris? That’s where CheZaline comes in. Jambon-beurre – butter and ham – is a staple in the area, and looking for the perfect one can be a real challenge. Thankfully, CheZaline has been updated from the former butcher’s store to a brand new street food shop and comes with plenty of flavors for those in the mood.


Patisseries are on just about every corner of every street throughout Paris. That doesn’t mean they all blend into the background. Tapisserie has been created by Michelin-star chefs and offers everything you could imagine. From maple syrup tartlets to seasonal fruit flans and everything in between, eating at Tapisserie means you get retro decor, incredible flavors, and fresh offerings with every purchase.

L’Épicerie du Breizh Café

Let’s face it; crêpes are one of the most famous foods to come from Paris. Now, you can enjoy some of the best on offer if you take a trip to L’Épicerie du Breizh Café. Each dish starts with a basic crêpe, either sweet or savory, depending on what takes your fancy. Then, simply let your mind run wild as you come up with all kinds of fillings. Did we mention they can be topped in salted-butter caramel?

L’As du Fallafel

Eating street food in Paris doesn’t mean you have to stick to predominantly French food. It turns out there are also plenty of world food stalls on offer, including L’As du Fallafel. The line is usually never-ending, thanks to the deliciousness that comes with these perfectly deep-fried falafel offerings. Thankfully, the wait is always worth it once you sink your teeth into the dish.

Paris might be known as the City of Love, but who knew that it is also filled with some of the best street food in the world? From incredible flavors to taste experiences that are out of this world, there’s certainly no shortage of street food on offer throughout Paris.