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These Roadside Restaurants Are Worth Making A Stop For

When you’ve got a long drive ahead of you, it’s a smart idea to plan some breaks into your journey. It’s not good to sit behind the wheel for too long, especially if you find yourself getting sleepy. Plus, you have to stop for food at some point to boost your energy levels. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing roadside restaurants that you can check out on your trip, which will make taking a break totally worth it.

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que (Alabama)

You can’t travel through the South without stopping off at a BBQ joint. There are plenty of these places throughout the southern states, although Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que in Alabama is undoubtedly one of the best. Prepare for sticky fingers and a full stomach if you stop off here because their ribs are sheer excellence. Clearly, decades in the business has served this restaurant well.

Iowa-80 Kitchen (Iowa)

There are plenty of truckstops dotted across America, but none can claim to be the world’s largest apart from one. Iowa-80 Kitchen has that honor, and it lives up to expectations. With a 50-foot salad bar and a humongous kitchen cooking food 24/7, travelers are always well catered for here. This is definitely the spot to check out when you’re driving through Iowa, particularly if you’re a fan of breakfast for dinner. It’s this restaurants specialty, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Joe & Aggie’s Café (Arizona)

Whether you’re looking to spice up your journey, or you simply want some classic American cooking, then Joe & Aggie’s Café is the place to go. This eye-catching establishment is found off Route 66 in Arizona and serves a delicious mixture of Mexican and American delicacies. This place has been in business since the ’40s, and it’s never failed to impress with its delectable food and welcoming atmosphere.

Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty (Wisconsin)

Paul Bunyan is better known for his size rather than his cooking skills. However, the mythical lumberjack’s Cook Shanty in Wisconsin is one of the greatest roadside restaurants around. No matter what time of day you’re eating, this place always has you covered. It’s dinner specials, in particular, are quite the treat, especially as they’re all-you-can-eat. Of course, if you’d prefer something sweet, you can go for some of their homemade buttermilk donuts instead. They’re some of the best you’ll ever taste.

The Griswold Inn (Connecticut)

While most roadside places tend to advertise their food as easy and quick, things are a little different at the Griswold Inn. This eating establishment in Connecticut has been serving food for over 230 years, and that’s clear to see in all the historic memorabilia they have on display. The meals you get here are often blasts from the past that you wouldn’t usually see in a restaurant nowadays. However, it’s that nostalgic touch which makes the Griswold Inn the ideal choice for food when you’re in the area.

If your travels ever take you past any of these places, it might be worth stopping off for a bite to eat. You definitely won’t regret it.