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These Have Been Named The Best US Cities For Foodies

Do you feel like your love of food goes far beyond the normal? If so, you’re probably a foodie. You care deeply about everything you eat and yearn for only the best dishes to fill your stomach with. Luckily for you, several cities in the US have been named the best for those with such a sensational interest in dining.

Austin, Texas

The decision over which cities are best for foodies came down to a scoring system by Wallethub based on dozens of features. This included the number of restaurants per capita, types of eating establishments available, price of a meal, and so on. Austin, Texas, ultimately placed fifth on the list with a score of 64.91 out of 100. While people might think Texas is all about steakhouses and barbecues, Austin has more variety than many realize. Plus, while it does have an abundance of burgers, steaks, etc., the food that’s available is also mouthwatering.

San Francisco, California

Beating Austin with 67.89 is San Francisco. The city might have a reputation for being pricey sometimes, but the food is worth every penny. San Francisco goes above and beyond when it comes to innovative dishes that take your taste buds to another world. They’ve been one of the most influential cities regarding global culinary innovation, and the amount of variety on offer here simply has to be celebrated.

Miami, Florida

Warm weather isn’t the only thing you’ll find down in Miami. The city also has more than enough restaurants to get a foodie’s heart pounding, most of which pass the taste test with flying colors. That’s why Miami scored 68.85 in Wallethub’s study, placing it third in the nation. Whether you want sushi, Cuban cuisine, or a classic cheeseburger, you won’t have any trouble finding it here.

Orlando, Florida

It seems Florida is the state to be when it comes to food. Not only is it the home of Walt Disney World Resort, but Orlando is also one of the best cities to be if you’re a foodie. Scoring 70.67, it was very narrowly beaten out by a competitor in the Pacific Northwest. Nevertheless, second place is impressive for a place that used to be thought of as having too many fast-food establishments. Now, it has the most restaurants and ice cream shops per capita, as well as some of the best prices too.

Portland, Oregon

Topping the list with 70.77 is Portland. This Oregon city might be slightly more expensive than the runner-up, but it does offer greater diversity, quality, and accessibility than Orlando. It helps that the city is surrounded by farmland, so locally-grown fresh food obviously isn’t hard to come by here. Add to that the sheer number of acclaimed restaurants in the area, and it’s probably no wonder that Portland is currently considered the home of foodies.

It’s not hard being a foodie in the United States when there are so many amazing places to eat. Enjoy a meal in any one of these cities, and you won’t walk away disappointed.