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These Are The Flavors You Can’t Miss During A Trip To Greece

Visiting a new country means having the opportunity to sample foods and flavors you might not find back home. Greece is particularly good for this because the islands are home to some of the finest cuisine you can’t always find easily in the States. Once you sample these delicious flavors, you might find yourself wanting to eat them all the time.


You want to start every day right when you’re in Greece. An excellent way to do that is to enjoy a breakfast of kagianas, which involves scrambled eggs and chopped or grated tomatoes. It’s typically served in the Peloponnese region of the country and will certainly fill you up for a few hours.


Street food is an essential part of Greece’s cuisine culture. You have to try a few of these dishes if you truly wish to sample all the amazing flavors the country has to offer. That includes souvlaki, which typically comprises meat on a skewer, vegetables, and fried potatoes. This tasty treat is popular with a lot of tourists, and depending on where you buy it in Greece, the flavor sensations can vary quite spectacularly.


Bougatsa is another good street food to try while you’re in Greece, especially if you’re staying in the north of the country. The cuisine here tends to be more vibrant due to influences from other cultures, such as Balkan and Turkish. With bougatsa, you can either go for something sweet like cream and cinnamon or a savory filling like meat and spinach. It all depends on what you’re hungry for and which tastes you want to sample. Either way, you won’t leave disappointed.

Horiatiki salad

Going on vacation and buying a salad might not seem like the best way to enjoy yourself. However, you can’t go to Greece and not try the horiatiki salad. Made with a variety of ingredients, including tomato, onion, feta, and oregano, it’s a light dish that’s great to try when you’re not too hungry. Just be prepared for your salad to be topped with plenty of olive oil because it wouldn’t be a Greek dish without it.


Some of Greece’s best dishes are better savored as snacks than anything else. This includes kalitsounia, another Crete special, which are honey-topped pastries containing greens or cheeses. The islands certainly aren’t short of cheese to choose from, with xinomizithra, graviera, and anthotyros all popular in these parts.


Food doesn’t have to be extravagant to be delicious. Some of the simplest foods can create the best flavor sensations, such as dakos. This is a dish you’ll likely encounter in Crete, and it’s a very basic combination of bread, grated tomato, and soft cheese. It’s a mouthwatering mixture of local ingredients that are topped with olive oil – of course – and oregano for that perfect finish.

One thing’s for certain – you’ll never go hungry when you’re in Greece. The country is host to so many incredible dishes that you’ll be able to enjoy one delicacy after another. The flavors will drive you wild.