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The Way Nations Eat French Fries Around The World Might Just Blow Your Mind

When it comes to french fries, they’re nothing more than a simple addition to a meal or snack, right? That’s where we might have been going wrong all these years. In fact, the way nations eat french fries around the world might just blow your mind.


Salchipapa is usually found across Latin America, where variations are common, but the main idea is the same. The dish starts with french fries that are topped with sliced hot dog or beef sausages. All of this is then covered with mustard and ketchup, or other sauces to create the perfect snack.


This German take on french fries sees them served alongside sausage that’s been cut into chunks and topped with curry powder and ketchup. It all started in 1949 when German housewife Herta Heuwer collected ingredients from British soldiers and perfected this dish before selling it from her snack stall for years.


It appears that Chile didn’t come to play when it comes to french fries. Chorrillana is a stacked dish that starts with fries. These are topped with fried onions, sliced meat, and scrambled or fried egg. Being such a large dish means that chorrillana is usually served as a sharing platter.

Chip butty

What could be better than carbs on carbs? Nothing, at least, that is according to the Brits. All you need to enjoy a chip butty is a roll – or bread depending on where you live in the country – and some french fries. Simply pile them in and top with salt and vinegar and a splash of ketchup or brown sauce.

Furaido potato

Japan didn’t get potatoes until the 16th century, but it has done some wonderful things with the ingredient over the years. One on the list is furaido potato, a dish that consists of french fries topped with all kinds of flavorings, such as sesame seeds and seaweed.


French fries smothered in anything is usually a good choice. The Canadians knew what they were doing when they made poutine, as they took cheese curds and brown gravy and smothered them over a portion of french fries. Now, they are found around almost every corner across the nation.


You’ll need to travel to South Africa to enjoy a slice of splatjips. They are french fries made by soaking chunks of potato in water before deep-frying the dish and covering it in salt and vinegar. They are also a popular addition to the sandwich The Gatsby that’s made with salad, eggs, cheese, and meat.

Chipsi mayai

This Tanzanian street food puts an entirely new spin on french fries as they are laid out in a single layer before they’re covered with an omelet mixture. Some people like to add other vegetables to the mix, such as onions or bell peppers, while others prefer to enjoy nothing but fries and eggs.

The way nations eat french fries might just blow your mind – and for a good reason. Who knew there were so many ways to enjoy the dish?