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The Very Best Restaurants to Visit in Salvador, Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world, yet its cuisine isn’t as widely celebrated as others like Italian, French, or Mexican. Salvador is the capital of Bahia state, and the food here is typically produced locally and follows traditional recipes. There are tons of amazing places to eat in Brazil, and these are the very best restaurants in the Brazilian city of Salvador.

Paraiso Tropical

This restaurant has long been considered one of Salvador’s finest traditional restaurants, but tourists will have to head off the beaten path to find it. The detour is well worth it though, because the food served at Paraiso Tropical has been keeping locals well fed for years. Diners can expect to be served traditional Bahian meals in the rustic cottage setting of Paraiso Tropical. The restaurant has its own orchard and grows its own vegetables, giving you the most authentic taste of Bahia. Seafood is big on the menu, with clams, octopus, lobster, and shrimp featuring in many of the dishes.


Another traditional restaurant that is a must-visit is Donana. The restaurant has been operating since 1988, and it takes classic Bahian dishes before adding its own flair and flavors. The restaurant is found in the peaceful spot of Campinas de Brotas, which overlooks most of the city. One of the restaurant’s classic dishes is sarapatel, which is a pork stew made in a traditional style. Seafood is once again a specialty here, which isn’t a surprise considering much of Bahia is surrounded by water.

Beach Stop Restaurante and Bar

If you want a laid back dining atmosphere, then you can’t really go wrong with paying a visit to the Beach Stop Restaurante and Bar. The restaurant is right on the beach at Pituba and is surrounded by everything you would expect to find on a paradise island, namely the palm trees and sandy beach. Steak and seafood are the specialties here, and it helps chilling out on the beach that little bit easier, not that it was ever tough. Dining here is suitable for all budgets, while there is also a fine selection of drinks and entertainment with regular musicians picking up their instruments here.

Boi Preto

One style of Brazilian food that is known throughout the world is grilled meat, and Boi Preto is one of the best in the business. This churrasco-style barbecue overlooks both the beach and the ocean on Avenida Otávio Mangabeira. This restaurant has been running for over 20 years, and it aims to give its diners a first-class experience. You can get prime steak cuts here alongside other Bahian dishes like breaded shrimp, fried gnocchi, and mushroom risotto. There is also a buffet restaurant that offers a selection of cheeses, olives, seafood, and desserts.

Salvador is fortunate enough to be packed full of amazing places to eat. These are just a handful of the culinary treats you can enjoy during your visit to the capital of the Bahia region in Brazil.