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The Spiciest Eating Challenges Across The World Aren’t For The Faint Of Heart

Do you love to turn up the heat when it comes to your food? Perhaps you love nothing more than pushing your tastebuds to the limit? Whatever the case, it seems the spiciest eating challenges across the world aren’t for the faint of heart.

Chili Pepper Festival’s chili eating contest – China

If you want an annual eating challenge that’s sure to turn up the heat, then it could be time to check out this chili eating contest in China. Each year, competitors must try to make their way through as many Tabasco chilis as they can in a minute while floating in a pool of peppers. In 2018, the winner amazingly made their way through 50 peppers in 60 seconds compared to the previous year’s 15 peppers.

Heatwave Hot Sauce Expo’s extreme jerky eating contest – Canada

This spicy eating challenge has so many different ways you can put your tastebuds – and bravery – to the test. One of the highlights of the event is none other than the jerky eating contest, as each piece has been laced with some pretty intense hot sauce. If that’s not up your alley, there is also the chili cook-off, the pepper eating contest, and the hot wing eating contest.

Bath Chili Festival’s pepper eating contest – UK

It seems that in the UK, they are willing to go to some pretty extreme lengths in the name of heat. The pepper eating contest started in 2015 and has been running ever since. Here, contestants begin by eating a jalapeño and work their way up through the spiciness scale until they’re 17 chilis in with nowhere to turn. If they make it this far, then contestants are greeted with a host of chili products and a cash prize for their efforts.

Philippine Chili Festival’s Labuyo 100 Rites – The Philippines

The Labuyo 100 Rites club is only home to a few members who must battle it out each year if they want to hold onto their spot. Everyone must eat 100 pieces of labuyo chili if they’re going to earn a spot. However, they will lose their membership if they don’t return the following year to hold onto their place and welcome new members.

Brick Lane House’s Phaal Challenge – New York

New York City is home to the famous Brick Lane restaurant that claims to serve the spiciest curry in the world. Their phaal is made from 12 ground chilis, including the Carolina Reaper, and is so pungent that the chef is forced to wear a gas mask while they cook the meal. If you win the challenge, not only do you get bragging rights, but you also earn a spot in the Phaal of Fame.

The spiciest eating challenges across the world aren’t for the faint of heart, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to top the best each year. In fact, some will go to extreme lengths to ensure they’re the ones that can stomach the hottest of all peppers and claim their top spot when it comes to spicy food.