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The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors Across Every State

When it comes to ice cream, most of us have our favorite flavor. However, have you ever found yourself wondering if your taste buds match the rest of the nation? It turns out the most popular ice cream flavors across every state sure show how our tastes differ.

Green tea

Amazingly, green tea is the second-most-popular ice cream flavor across The States, being named as the favorite in Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Rocky road

Rocky road is another of the second-most-popular flavors as people living in Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming – aka most of the West Coast – can’t get enough.

Chocolate chocolate chip

New Mexico might be alone in its thoughts, but that hasn’t stopped the state from naming chocolate chocolate chip as its favorite ice cream flavor.


It turns out that Washington, D.C. and Hawaii have something in common, as they both named mango as their favorite ice cream flavor of all time.

Rainbow sherbet

Rainbow sherbet is the sweetness some of us can’t get enough of, such as Texas, Montana, Kansas, and Arkansas, as the states all named it the top ice cream flavor.

Cookie dough

Some might be surprised to learn that cookie dough isn’t the most popular ice cream flavor as only Oklahoma, Missouri, and Maryland named this gooey goodness as the top flavor on offer.

Birthday cake

Birthday cake is another of the second-most-popular ice cream flavors. That’s thanks to Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Virginia all giving it the gold.

Moose tracks

The vanilla, peanut butter, and fudge is no match for all other ice cream flavors as it’s been named as the most popular across the US. That’s right; Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Wisconsin all can’t get enough.

Rum raisin

Sadly for rum raisin, the ice cream flavor only claims top spot in a small section of The South, with Florida and Georgia here for the sharpness of this scoop.

Chocolate chip

Want chocolate chips without too much chocolate? Apparently, so does Kentucky and Ohio, as both states named it their most popular ice cream flavor.

Mint chip

Although mint chip is a classic ice cream flavor, it seems that Pennsylvania is the only state that went as far as naming it the top flavor on offer.


New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut have more in common than many believed, as all three states claim that pistachio is the most popular ice cream flavor on offer.


The final second-most-popular ice cream flavor on offer comes in the form of coffee, with Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont all giving it the top spot.


Sadly for Delaware, it appears it’s the only state that will fight to defend cherry-flavored ice cream getting the gold medal across The States.

When it comes to the most popular ice cream flavors across every state, it looks as though there’s a lot of room for negotiation as every area of the nation comes with its own number one.