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The Michelin Star Restaurant In Singapore Where Food Is Cheaper Than McDonald’s

When you think of a Michelin Star restaurant, what springs to mind? Fine dining? Incredible flavors? An expensive bill? It turns out that a vacation to Singapore could be the perfect way to see the world and enjoy some of the finest dining in the world. The best bit? This Michelin Star restaurant is cheaper than McDonald’s.

Humble beginnings

Chang Hon Meng wanted to open a food stall and decided the best place to start was in one of Singapore’s market squares. It wasn’t long before Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Chicken Rice and Noodle was born. They are simple dishes, where the now-famous chicken rice dish sets guests back $1.42. The prices weren’t the only thing that helped Chang earn a name for himself. People fell for the flavors.

Growing interest

It wasn’t long before the word began to spread about Chang’s food stall, and people from all across Singapore wanted a taste. That wasn’t all. The market ended up on several websites, meaning tourists from far and wide were suddenly searching for the stall. All of that interest eventually landed Chang a sot on the Michelin Guide. Although the chef had never heard of the guide before, Chang thought it was a joke and brushed it aside.

Creating his restaurant

It turned out that this was no joke, and the world really was starting to take notice of chang’s incredible stall. It wasn’t long before the chef wanted to take things to the next level. Chang invested in a local property where diners could now enjoy a seat in the restaurant and air conditioning. The building is large enough for 80 customers, and it gave Chang the chance to experiment with new dishes, such as his wonton soup and Thai-style tofu.

Recreating the magic

Chang’s stall soon grew so popular that people would line up for hours. Sometimes, the line is so long that all of the food has been sold before everyone is served. The same can be said for Chang’s new restaurant. Thankfully, the chef has been able to recreate the magic and even earned himself a Michelin Star. However, it looks as though some things will never change – including the low prices of Chang’s delicious meals.

A balancing act

Sadly, Chang had to increase the price of some dishes, but nothing costs more than $4. Chang says the increase is to help cover the extra costs. Even this isn’t enough to scare people away as the restaurant often has lines spilling out onto the sidewalk. Now, Chang runs the restaurant and takeout service from the building to try and keep up with the demand while his wife runs their stall.

Have you ever had a meal that’s so good that you can’t wait to get your hands on the next dish? It seems as though people really will spend all day in line to taste this Singapore Michelin Star restaurant, especially as this fine-dining costs less than McDonald’s.