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The Iconic Eleven Madison Park Is Turning Vegan

There are iconic restaurants, and then there is Eleven Madison Park. The New York City restaurant is famous for a host of memorable dishes that it’s brought to the table over the years, but now it’s set to embark on a new life. That’s right; the iconic Eleven Madison Park is turning vegan.

Changing with the times

If there is one thing that 2020 taught most of us, it’s that we needed to learn how to adapt – and fast. That was the case for Daniel Humm, who owns the Michelin star Eleven Madison Park. Like most of the world, Daniel had to shut the restaurant’s doors during the global pandemic and decided to try and help the community during such troubled times. It wasn’t long before the iconic Eleven Madison Park became a soup kitchen to use products that were going to waste and hungry people living across New York City.

A sudden realization

It was only when Daniel started to think about how much the world was changing and what it meant for the restaurant business that he came to a sudden realization: the world is in desperate need of some help. It was then that he decided to switch things up at Eleven Madison Park. Daniel started to think about the amount of food we consume, how we treat the oceans, and how we farm our animals as he realized it wasn’t sustainable and worried about the consequences all of this could have on the planet. The result? On May 2, 2020, Daniel announced the iconic Eleven Madison Park is turning vegan.

Planning for the future

Of course, it’s one thing to talk about turning your restaurant into a vegan dining experience, and it’s something entirely different to put the plan into action. It seems as though Daniel Hum already has the wheels in motion as he plans to reopen the doors on June 10. Here, he hopes that Eleven Madison Park will help change the conversation around fine dining and, eventually, the world. Daniel knows that many people head to his iconic restaurant to get taken on a journey, and the food is just a side part of it all. However, he is more determined than ever that the same standards will remain – the food will just be a little different.

A brand new menu

Fans of the iconic Eleven Madison Park have plenty to look forward to, as Daniel has shared some snippets from the new vegan menu. The tasting menu will cost $335 per person and will include the likes of rice porridge with culture, creamy fermented almond cream, and a beet dish that takes a whopping 16 hours to prepare. It seems there is already plenty to get people’s mouths watering.

The iconic Eleven Madison Park has always been at the forefront of food and dining experiences, and now it looks as though the restaurant turning vegan could be another iconic moment to add to the list. Who knows how long it will be before other restaurants follow suit?