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The Best Traditional Country Pubs For Food And Drink In The UK

While the United Kingdom might be a relatively small country in area, it makes up for it by packing a lot in. One of the British people’s favorite pastimes is hiking to find a country pub for food and drink. There are plenty to choose from, and these are some of the best traditional British country pubs.

Plume of Feathers – Somerset

What could be more idyllic than a stroll through one of the United Kingdom’s most celebrated countrysides? Somerset is famous for its locally brewed drinks, and there are plenty on offer at the Plume of Feathers. Inside you will be served appetizing food that perfectly fits with the decor of the pub.

The floors are made of flagstone, and there’s a fire to warm yourself up from a long walk in the rain. You want a country pub to feel cozy, and that’s exactly what you get from the Plume of Feathers in Somerset.

The Goose and Cuckoo – Monmouthshire

Sat at the top of a hill in Monmouthshire is The Goose and Cuckoo traditional pub. It is family-run, offers hearty meals, and is a warm welcome for hikers, cyclists, and people who are lost. The one thing that makes this pub stand out is the view you get of the entire countryside from the top of the hill.

Cawdor Tavern – Nairnshire

Scotland is famed for its natural beauty, and this Highlands pub is one to seek out during your trip to the northern region in the UK. The Cawdor Tavern is popular with walkers as it is located alongside the river Nairn.

The pub itself was established in the 15th century, and it even has links to the classic Shakespeare play, Macbeth. You will be treated to traditional Scottish food, including haggis, along with award-winning drinks to suit any meal.

Pig’s Nose Inn – Devon

There are plenty of pubs in the United Kingdom with fun names, and the Pig’s Nose Inn is yet another. You don’t need to stop by just because of the name though, and you’ll be treated to a feast at the Pig’s Nose Inn.

With several walking routes nearby, people often stop off at the traditional country pub to recharge their batteries. It was built in the 16th century, has plenty of warm lighting, and singsongs are encouraged by all who enter.

The Ship Inn – Northumberland

You’ll find The Ship Inn along the coast of Northumberland, and it will be calling to you like a beacon during your hike. The warming environment is matched by the hearty meals you will enjoy when you take a seat at The Ship Inn. Local lobsters and kippers are the specialties of the chef here, and you’ll want to stay forever once you taste them.

There is no shortage of traditional country pubs, but we think these choices are just that little bit extra special. Once you try them for yourself, you’ll find yourself compelled to stay for one more drink.