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The Best Street Food Stalls In London

The street food market business is booming, and all around the world the biggest cities are adopting the culture of eating outside. The thing about street food is that it has to deliver maximum flavor in a small and portable portion. Luckily for the residents and tourists of London, these street food stalls will blow your mind and your tastebuds wide open.

Jake’s Vegan Steaks

Vegan food has well and truly entered the public consciousness as many people are looking to eat a sustainable and cruelty-free diet. Vegan cooking has come on a lot in recent years, and now there are cuisines out there that can rival the taste and feel of juicy meat. Jake’s Vegan Steaks offers a ’Philly’ cheesesteak’ made from BBQ seitan and ’it’s finished with roasted peppers, caramelized onions, sweet mustard, and even a ’sriracha’ mayo.’

Club Mexicana

While Mexican of Asian cuisine was the birthplace of street food is up for debate, one thing most people can agree on is that both are delicious. Club Mexicana in London brings Mexican street food into the 21st century as it offers a vegan menu. Most people associate Mexican food with plenty of meat, but now those who choose to eat a plant-based diet can enjoy these wonderful treats too.

Mother Clucker

Chicken is big business in London, and Mother Clucker has people lining up to get their lips around some of the best fried chicken in the country. It’s Southern cooking as it should be, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean! Not many restaurants in London that can rival Mother Clucker for its quality, and it’s a must-taste. It’s not diet food, but the prices are reasonable and the flavors are huge.


One of the most comforting foods in the world is a grilled cheese sandwich, and now you can get that delight on the streets of London. Meltsmiths don’t stick to one spot in London, but if you come across their stall, you’ve got to try something. Their grilled cheese sandwiches are cooked to perfection and come in a wide range.

You could try their special with spicy English mustard, go really spicy with sriracha and jalepeños, or try their classic with caramelized onions and a mixture of cheeses. There are also sweet potato fries to add to make sure you’re unfit to move for at least an hour.

Sub Cult

Subway sandwiches are some of the most iconic street food because they are so easy to eat. While it might not be much of a struggle to keep bringing a sub to your mouth, getting the flavor right is another thing. At Sub Cult, the team will keep you entertained as they make you a sandwich as you’ve never tasted before. Their version of surf and turf is a must-try which involves seared scallops, calamari, pulled pork, and some special parsley mayo.

Food stalls are big business in London, and these are the ones you have to check out if you visit the famous city.