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The Best Food Experiences You Can Find Across Texas

If you’re in Texas, there’s a good chance that your taste buds are in for a good time. The state is famous for its grilled food – but don’t think about asking for a fork. Only fingers are used for this famous food. The best food experiences you can find across Texas certainly get our mouths watering.

Corny dogs

We admit that corn dogs have been a part of sports games across the nation for years, but did you know that corn dogs were actually made for Texas? That’s right; Neil Fletcher wanted something delicious to serve up at the State Fair of Texas in 1948, so he created a hot dog dipped in cornbread batter that had been deep-fried and skewered on a stick. It was an instant hit and has become a huge part of both Texan and American cuisine ever since.

Chicken-fried steak

We’re not sure anyone needs to sell a chicken-fried steak to people looking for some of the best food experiences you can find across Texas, but some people might still need a little bit of convincing. It’s not quite what you think. It’s actually a typical beef steak that’s been coated in batter and deep-fried like some of the famous chicken many of us are so used to eating. Top this with gravy, and people’s taste buds are in for a good time.


When it comes to cuisines that have been blended together, Tex-Mex is some of the most popular across the nation. It would almost be a shame to miss out on some original and perfected dishes. It’s not just a blend of American and Mexican food; this dish also sees the two national foods take inspiration from one another. The chances are that heading into most restaurants across Texas will have some delicious Tex-Mex on offer.


If there’s one thing that many Texans have learned over the years, it’s that nothing follows a great meal better than a bowl of cobbler. Blackberry cobbler. Hot peach cobbler. They come in all shapes and sizes, and most people have their favorite. If you’ve never had a cobbler before, you might want to save yourself for the best of the best found in Texas. Spoiler alert: it’s just like a fruit pie, but without the pastry bottom.


Okay, it wouldn’t be a list of the best food experiences you can find across Texas without adding barbecues to the list. If there’s one thing Texans know how to do better than most people in the world, it’s cook up a delicious barbecue. There are so many barbecue joints found across the state, meaning you’re never far away from your next delicious meal. Just be sure to save room for all those offerings, and remember to wear stretchy pants.

The best food experiences you can find across Texas have us wondering where we’ve been all these years. From savory food to sweet treats and all the snacks in between, it seems the Lone Star State knows a thing or two about food.