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The Best Dog-Friendly Food Trucks Worth Sniffing Out Across The US

Food trucks are a staple of American dining. Whether you’re at a football game, nightclub, or exploring a market, you’re bound to encounter one. Did you know that these trucks don’t just serve humans, though? Some offer special menus for dogs so that your canine companion can chow down on something while you spend some time together.

The Seattle Barkery (Seattle, Washington)

It’s pretty amazing just how much is on offer at the Seattle Barkery. If you’re looking for something savory for your pet pooch, you can get them chicken feet or turkey nuggets. Prefer a sweet treat? There’s more than enough to keep your dog satisfied, from pumpkin pretzels to ice cream sundaes. If you really want to make your pet feel special, you can even pre-order them a cake for their next birthday or party. There’s no doubt your dog will love you if you take them here.

Treats Unleashed (St. Louis, Missouri)

Treats Unleashed has been keeping dogs in St. Louis from going hungry for more than half a decade now. They’ve been serving food through their Treat Waggin’ since 2015, which offers the likes of frozen yogurt and cheeseburger soft bites. The treats are made to suit your pet’s taste buds without harming their insides. That’s why certain alterations are made, such as canola oil instead of butter and honey over refined sugar. Given that the owner of Treats Unleashed now has 13 bakeries throughout St. Louis, it’s clear that they know what they’re doing.

Winnie Lou (Boulder, Colorado)

Any dog owners living in Colorado ought to get themselves over to Boulder. That’s where you’ll find Winnie Lou, a dog food truck with plenty of delicious treats for your pet to try. The bison burger jerky is a particular favorite here. However, whatever you go for, you can rest assured that all the ingredients are human-grade and don’t contain unnecessary additives or preservatives. There’s no wheat or dairy either, so you can trust that your dog’s stomach is in good hands.

Fido to Go (Chicago, Illinois)

The owner of Fido to Go is more than capable of feeding the dog population of Chicago, given they studied animal nutrition. Donna Santucci has evidently been passionate about this sort of thing for years, and she’s now transformed that into a successful business. The food truck has been going for a decade now, with people’s pet pooches apparently always sad whenever it shuts up shop for the day. Clearly, the frozen yogurts and peanut butter rice crispy treats are as delicious as you’d hope. The venture has been such a triumph that Santucci has even turned to offering cat treats too. Well, we suppose dogs aren’t the only pets that deserve some extra love now and again.

If you don’t live near any of these food trucks, it might be worth organizing a road trip for you and your pet pooch. It could be a great way for the two of you to bond. Plus, we doubt they’ll be upset about all the delicious food that’s on offer.