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The Best Coffee Shops Found Across Melbourne

Australia is famous for many things, including the incredible coffee on offer across the nation. It all started after World War II and has since turned into an art form. Now, the best coffee shops found across Melbourne can hold their heads high when it comes to the drinks they have on offer.

Market Lane

Market Lane is one of Melbourne’s most popular coffee shops, thanks to the pour-over coffee and espressos on offer. That’s not all. There are also classes and tastings for those wanting to learn more about coffee and pastries and cake for people wanting a more relaxed time with their coffee.

Auction Rooms

Melbourne has plenty of trendy cafes on offer, including Auction Rooms. The boutique coffee shop serves up every type of coffee, including siphon and drip coffees and espressos. There is also an extensive menu – great for a long morning – and outdoor seating when you want to enjoy the fresh air.

Seven Seeds

Believe it or not, but the owners of Seven Seeds used to own St Ali before they embarked on a new adventure. The Melbourne coffee shop is named after the seven coffee seeds that were smuggled from Yemen to India in the 1600s, and it’s held onto history ever since. Now, Seven Seeds offers up plenty of seasonal coffee drinks all year round.

Industry Beans

This Melbourne coffee shop is so incredible that it’s a part of an award-winning warehouse conversion. That’s right; Industry Beans is one of the best places to enjoy more than just a coffee as there are plenty of dishes on offer, too. Everything from the food to the coffee almost looks too good to enjoy at Industry Beans.

St Ali

Everything about St Ali is on-trend as the coffee shop has just about everything someone needs to enjoy a drink in style. The subtle cold-drip coffee is one of the most popular choices on the menu, but that’s not the only coffee on offer here. There is plenty to tickle any coffee-lover’s taste buds at St Ali.

Wide Open Road

One of the best things about Wide Open Road is how the coffee cafe and lab are open to the rest of the room, meaning you can watch as the baristas get to work brewing up some of the best drinks in Melbourne. Now, the signature Bathysphere house blend is so perfected that it’s designed to be drunk black.

Code Black

Code Black sums it up best itself with the small print “The Sublime and The Ridiculous.” Everything about the inside of Code Black is sublime, while the coffee is where it gets ridiculous – because it’s so ridiculously good. There are plenty of house blends on offer if you want to enjoy some tried and tested favorites.

The best coffee shops found across Melbourne go to show there is no shortage of delicious offerings across the city. There is a reason that Australia is so famous for its coffee, and now we can enjoy every one of those reasons with each sip.