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Pennsylvania’s Ice Cream Trail Is A Dream Come True

Do you love the sweet taste of ice cream? If so, a visit to Pennsylvania is essential. The state has its own ice cream trail that highlights the small businesses and farms that bring these delicious treats to life. The incredible ice cream on offer may be so delicious that you’ll want to move to Pennsylvania just so you can enjoy it all the time.

The eastern route

The Pennsylvania ice cream trail isn’t a straight line. It breaks off into three routes: eastern, western, and southern central. Each one offers plenty of delectable flavors, with the eastern route boasting locations like Merrymead Farm and The Lands at Hillside Farms. Both places aren’t short of choices, with the former having as many as 32 flavors to pick from. You may need to give yourself plenty of time to decide what you want, given the number of options available.

The western route

Over on the other side of the state, there are just as many incredible places to visit. If 32 flavors sound like a lot to choose between, you might be overwhelmed at Kerber’s Dairy in North Huntingdon, where 40 are available. That’s basically a quarter of the 165 they produce per year, so you can keep coming back here and always have something new to try for months. Penn State Berkey Creamery is another notable spot worth checking out on the western route. You’ll find it at University Park.

The southern central route

Sometimes, you’re not in the mood for one flavor. Your craving for different taste sensations makes it hard to pick just one, turning your afternoon treat into more hassle than it’s worth. Fortunately, the southern route is where you’ll find The Milkhouse at Oregon Dairy, a place where ice cream sampling is on the menu. Here, you can enjoy multiple flavors, from chocolate chip cookie dough and coconut almond fudge to rainbow sherbert and birthday cake. Choose four of the dozens on offer and enjoy them together in the ultimate ice cream delight.

Why is the Pennsylvania ice cream trail important?

The last few years haven’t been easy for anyone because of the global pandemic. However, it’s been particularly tough on small businesses that have struggled to stay afloat during lockdowns. Fortunately, the Pennsylvania ice cream trail can help such businesses, at least the ones who specialize in this chilled treat anyway. By highlighting the farmers who make these delicious snacks possible, the trail ensures that they keep generating income so they can stay in business. Moreover, the trail keeps locals and tourists informed about the importance of the agriculture industry, particularly in a state like Pennsylvania. It has an essential role in the community, so public support is vital to ensure it continues to play a part for generations to come.

Most people don’t need an excuse to eat ice cream. If you’re looking for one, though, then Pennsylvania’s ice cream trail is definitely worth exploring. Your taste buds won’t be disappointed by the mountains of amazing flavors you’ll encounter along the way.