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One Spanish Island Has 10 Michelin Stars – And Plenty To See

Just off the coast of Spain is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations for those looking for something a little different and quieter. That’s right; we’re talking about Mallorca. Now, one Spanish island has 10 Michelin Stars – and plenty to see – and many can’t wait to enjoy it themselves.

Sa Pleta offer luxurious food with even more luxurious views

Sa Pleta is a restaurant founded on the island’s northern side by British chef March Fosh in 2009. Since then, Marc has strapped more than one Michelin Star to his chest with his luxurious Mediterranean menus and fine dining. You may enjoy Foie Gras “mi-cuit” with freshly picked figs sprinkled with prickly pear snow and topped with oyster leaves and salt.
You might also be tempted to try tartar solar prawns with plankton jelly and smoked tomato.

DINS by Santi Taura teams history with fine dining
Source: The Luxury Editor

DINS by Santi Taura teams history with fine dining

One restaurant situated very close to the historical cathedral of Palma de la Mallorca is none other than DINS by Santi Taura. Aiming to please the most spoiled palettes, DINS sets out to take the freshest ingredients and blend them with the history and flavors of the island. If you like snails, you can try their Mallorcan-style stuffed snails that are prepared ever so finely. There is also a cheese platter with a range of Balearic cheeses hand chosen by Santi Taura. Accompanying your platter, you can taste test their Harmony of Balearic drinks.

Adrian Quetglas has put his Michelin Star to good use since 2016

Adrian Quetglas is a well-known name in the restaurant community. He has experience working worldwide, but has made a specific reputation in gaining the Michelin Star in 2016. His menus are a masterpiece to experience, with a choice of either five or seven-step tasting menus. Some of the delicious dishes offered in this range include Creamy veal with quince puree and hazelnut juice. Another menu offers guineafowl ravioli with truffle cassis. You can also try some fine drinks the restaurant delivers to accompany cheese platters if you fancy.

Béns d'Avall is a long-standing restaurant known for its Balearic cuisine
Source: Estilo Palma

Béns d’Avall is a long-standing restaurant known for its Balearic cuisine

Béns d’Avall goes out of its way to improve your experience with fine dining and a fantastic ocean view. This special restaurant has been in business since 1971, showing the utmost respect to the nature that provides them with the freshest of ingredients. Their special menu offers a unique and long-standing tradition of gastronomy, making any mouth water just by looking at it. Maybe you would like to try the salty “cremadillo” with watermelon and tomatoes from their garden? Perhaps the mature rockfish loin pasta, garnished with summer herbs? You won’t have a lack of options for pairing your dishes with succulent drinks here, either.

It’s clear as to why the Spanish Island has made a great name for itself regarding its unique Mediterranean flavors. Not only do travelers come from far to taste, but many chefs also take the trip to learn just why Michelin has pinned 10 Stars across 9 of its restaurants.