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NYC’s Famous Tavern On The Green Is Finally Reopen

The global pandemic was enough to test most of us as we had to learn to live in a world entirely unlike the one we’ve known for so long. This also meant that businesses had to learn how to adapt or close. Thankfully, after a lengthy wait, NYC’s famous Tavern on the Green is finally reopen.

Closing its doors

Like many restaurants around the world, Tavern on the Green was forced to close at the beginning of 2020 due to the global pandemic. The iconic restaurant is found in the middle of Central Park and has been a beloved favorite for NYC residents and tourists for years. However, the changing times meant we had to merely sit and wait for the doors to reopen. Finally, that time has come, as Tavern on the Green officially reopened its doors on April 29, 2021.

More than just a restaurant

Jim Caiola is one of Tavern on the Green’s co-owners and has always believed the restaurant is much more than just another place to eat in New York City. In a shared statement, Jim explained that New Yorkers can enjoy a seat at Tavern on the Green to relax and unwind no matter the time of day as they sit back in the middle of Central Park. As if that wasn’t enough, it seems that having some time away has given Tavern on the Green a chance to rethink and rebrand as it seems there might be some new ideas on the horizon.

Back with a bang

Although Tavern on the Green is finally reopen, there have been some changes to the restaurant that many of us know and love. To start, they are only allowed to have 50% capacity to stick to social distancing rules. Thankfully, all the main areas are open, including South Terrace, Garden, and Main Courtyard. To top it off, the to-go window that serves up Tavern on the Green’s famous charcuterie and cheese platter, jumbo shrimp and guacamole wrap, and veggie frittata will be open for anyone passing by looking for a bite to eat.

A brand new menu

One of the many new changes on the way now that Tavern on the Green is finally reopen is the new menu. The restaurant plans to debut a new spring menu that comes with all the classic favorites many of us have fallen for over the years, as well as some new flavor combinations. Have no fear; the famous Tavern Burger and Birthday Cake are still on the menu and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Would it be Tavern on the Green without these favorite dishes? That’s what we thought.

Tavern on the Green has come a long way over the years, and it seems it doesn’t have plans on stopping anytime soon. Sure, the global pandemic meant that it had to shut its doors for many months, but now that things are easing, it looks as though Tavern on the Green is ready to pick up where it left off.