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Must-Try Mexican Restaurants Found Across Las Vegas

When people think of Las Vegas, a lot of things come to mind. Mexican food isn’t usually one of them, but it should be. The city is host to some incredible Mexican restaurants that offer the perfect balance of heat in a delicious variety of meals. If you haven’t dined at these places before, you probably should on your next visit.

Michoacán Gourmet Mexican Restaurant

Whether you’re looking to eat in or take your food away, Michoacán Gourmet Mexican Restaurant is an excellent place to check out. From their Filet Relleno to their La Huacana to their Enchiladas de ca Maron, there’s so much to treat your taste buds to here. Plus, the establishment is perfectly capable of satisfying anyone eager to quench their thirst. The range of drinks on offer is astounding and should leave you feeling overjoyed during happy hour.

Viva Zapatas Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

Given the Las Vegas location of these restaurants, you might expect these establishments to lack the traditional decor that adds to the charm of Mexican eateries. However, that’s not the case here. Viva Zapatas looks pretty distinct from the glitz and glamor that’s impossible to escape on the strip. While the restaurant is definitely bright and bustling during opening hours, it retains some of the character you’d expect from a restaurant like this. That, plus the delectable selection of Mexican food, makes this well worth a visit.

El Burrito Mexican Restaurant

As Mexican restaurants go, El Burrito certainly doesn’t have a traditional menu. The presence of dishes like Alaskan halibut and New York steak proves that. However, that doesn’t mean this establishment is short of spice. The range of authentic Mexican dishes is long and varied, ensuring there’s a suitable option for everyone, no matter their preference. Each meal is mouthwatering, and if yours ends up hotter than you anticipated, you can always cool down with the restaurant’s delicious selection of ice cream.

El Mescal Family Mexican Restaurant

Las Vegas might not always seem like the most family-friendly destination, but there are parts of the city that kids can enjoy. El Mescal Family Mexican Restaurant is one of them. Offering cuisine that encompasses seafood, soups, traditional Mexican dishes, and more, it’s a great place to dine at the start or end of a busy day. Whether you can handle your heat or prefer food that’s low on spice, the menu is varied enough to keep you and your loved ones happy.

Antojitos Sinaloa Mexican & Seafood Restaurant

Are you a seafood fan? If so, this Las Vegas restaurant should absolutely be on your must-visit list. Combining the heat of Mexican food with salty treats from the sea, the menu here is a true delight. Thanks to the generous portions on offer, you won’t go home hungry. Just make sure you leave room to try some of these other restaurants during your time in the city.

Mexican food and Las Vegas might not seem like a dream team, but with restaurants like these to choose from, they’re definitely a match made in heaven.