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The Weirdest Foods You Can Find In Every State

It’s amazing what you can put together with just a few ingredients, and there’s no doubt about the fact that some food combinations taste pretty awesome. You can chow down on delicious pancakes by simply mixing flour, eggs, sugar, and milk together, and you can taste the delights of spaghetti Bolognese using just pasta, tomato sauce, and some delicious cheese. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the world is full of foodie combinations that put a smile on our faces…

If you live in the United States, there’s a high chance that you have grown up tasting the delicacies of your particular state. After all, every state has its own quirks and characteristics, and most locals think nothing of them. However, things get a little stranger as you make your way away from your home and learn of some rather intriguing food combinations in other parts of the country. Don’t believe us? Check out the weirdest foods to try in every single state. Some will make you hungry, and some will make you reach for the nearest paper bag.

Alabama – White BBQ Sauce

Anyone who lives in a state that prides itself on its barbeque food will know that BBQ sauce should be brown, thick, and totally delicious. That’s just the way that BBQ sauce rolls, right? Well, it’s fair to say that they do things a little differently in Alabama.

Primal Gourmet

The people of this state swear by their white BBQ sauce – and they seem to love it. This concoction is made using mayonnaise, BBQ seasonings, and vinegar, and it’s more of a drizzling sauce than a thick and sticky BBQ sauce, but who are we to judge? If it’s good enough for the people of Alabama, then it should be good enough for the rest of the world.

Alaska – Akutaq

When you think of Alaska, there’s a high chance that you immediately think of a cold landscape full of people wearing giant coats and cozying up with bears. Of course, the Alaskan people aren’t really best friends with grizzlies, but they do have their quirks.

Smithsonian Magazine/Ash Adams

Alaskans love to eat something called akutaq, and there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s pretty strange. This dish essentially consists of mixed berries that are then mixed together with whipped fat, and it’s become somewhat of a delicacy. We can imagine the extra fat keeps them warm in the harsher months, but that’s still pretty bizarre.

Arizona – Cactus Fries

If you were wondering whether this was just a fancy name for a dish that didn’t include an actual cactus, then you were wrong. That’s because this dish from Arizona does exactly what it says on the tin, and is actually deep-fried cactus! You’ll be happy to know that all of the needles and spikes are removed before they are fried, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t pretty weird.


We’re used to trying to keep our cacti alive, let alone covering them in batter, frying them, and then devouring them. It’s a strange concept, but one that the people of Arizona seem to have a thing for.

Arkansas – Chocolate Gravy

Okay, so this one isn’t actually that bad – but it’s still a bit wacky. When most of us think of gravy, we think of a thick, savory sauce that mixes well with potatoes and biscuits. However, they do things a little differently in Arkansas. They eat their biscuits with chocolate gravy instead, which is a form of chocolate sauce that’s made from cocoa powder, sugar, flour, and fat.

Shutterstock/Elzbieta Sekowska

You can eat it at breakfast, you can have it for lunch, and you could even chow down at dinner if you want – but you’ve got to make sure that you’ve got a sweet tooth. Otherwise, it might be a bit too much for you.

California – Donut Burger

In theory, this should be the greatest thing since sliced bread. After all, donuts are pretty delicious, and burgers are equally as yummy. Using a donut as the burger should be even better, shouldn’t it? Well, it’s actually rather strange. The people of California seem to love living outside of the box and trying something new, weird, and wonderful, and this donut burger certainly ticks the boxes.

Twitter/Greta Van Susteren

They can eat this with no issues, but we have a feeling that other people would struggle to chow down on all of that sugar, salt, and juices that seem to be coming from everywhere. Dare we say it; but have they gone too far?

Colorado – Rocky Mountain Oysters

With a name like Rocky Mountain oysters, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that this dish included oysters, would you? Well, we’re here to throw a spanner in the works. That’s because this particular meal doesn’t have anything to do with the saltwater mollusks.


Instead, this dish is actually made from the private parts of a sheep, a bull, or a pig – depending on the restaurant and the chef. Yes, people really do eat the whatsits of these animals, and they eat then when they are deep-fried and then served with a sauce. Because apparently, they weren’t bad enough without adding red and white sauces into the mix.

Connecticut – Clam Pizza

Although we will never get over the fact that Connecticut is spelled in such a way, and it seems as though we will also never get over the fact that the people of this state each clam pizza. As you can probably tell by the name, this really is a pizza topped with clams, and it has divided opinions more than the debate around pineapple on pizza.


It doesn’t look like the most appetizing dish in the world, but apparently, it’s a delicacy around those parts. Have you ever tried it before? We can only assume that it goes down well with the fish lovers of the state.

Delaware – Scrapple

If you’re ever going to venture over to Delaware and see what this fine state has to offer, it’s up to you whether you decide to try their state specialty or not. That’s because these guys seem to love a bit of meat cake, and scrapple is their food of choice.

Honest Food/Holly A. Heyser

If you’re not familiar with scrapple, you might not know that this meat cake is actually made from scraps of pork that most people normally don’t eat. These scraps are combined with other meat scraps and cornmeal, and it’s then fried and slices to serve alongside anything you want. It’s unique, to say the least.

Florida – Fried Gator Tail

Let’s be honest; when you think of Florida, you immediately think of the Gators. That’s just what they’re known for. While most people assume that the people of Florida love to head out on their boats and check out the alligators in the wild, what the rest don’t realize is that Floridians also love to eat their water-dwelling neighbors!

Southern Kitchen

One of the most popular delicacies in this state is the fried gator tail, which is quite literally fried gator tail. These pieces are served with a lemon wedge and a delicious sauce, and most people compare the taste of the gator to the taste of chicken. Well, if you say so.

Georgia – Pear Salad

Do you like pears? Do you like salad? Would you eat the two together? Well, perhaps, but it probably depends on the context and the recipe, right? The people of Georgia seem to have chosen something pretty strange for their dish of choice.

Domestic Superhero

This pear salad is so much more than adding a few pears to a salad because it actually involves canned pears that are then topped with mayonnaise and then topped with cheese. As if that wasn’t enough, the strange concoction is then topped with a cherry for good measure. Would they like to add anything else? No? Are they done?

Hawaii – Poi

Most people forget that Hawaii is a part of the United States because it’s just so different from the rest of the country. It looks different, the language is different, and their food is certainly different. While you probably thought that we’d be sticking Spam on this list, we’ve now hit you with something better.

Tasty Island

Poi is perhaps the weirdest food that you can try in this state, and there’s no doubt about the fact that it looks rather unusual. This dish is made using the stem of the kalo plant, which is then fermented until it looks fairly similar to strawberry yogurt. However, it’s been said that fermented plant is actually pretty sour. We’ll take their word for it.

Idaho – Ice Cream Potato

The people of Idaho are known for their love of potatoes, but we can’t help but wonder if perhaps they’ve gone a little too far this time? Well, you’ll be happy to know that their ice cream potato dessert isn’t actually made from potato.

Ink & Reel

Thick ice cream is shaped to look like a potato before being covered in cocoa powder and topped with a dollop of whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and nuts. Basically, it’s a potato for those with a sweet tooth, and it seems as though those in this state just can’t get enough of this delicacy. To be fair, it sounds right up our street…

Illinois – Horseshoe

The people of Illinois must have a big appetite on them because this is making us feel full just looking at it. So, what is a horseshoe? Every restaurant that serves this dish has its own take on it, but there’s no doubt about the fact that the general rule of thumb for this meal has the same few items.

Knotty Pine Bar & Grill

It normally features two slices of Texas toast that’s then smothered in French fries, hamburger patties, and a whole load of cheese sauce. Most people then opt to add some more meat onto the pile, including things like chicken strips and ham. It’s a mountain of carbs, and we kinda don’t hate it.

Indiana – Roast Beef Manhattan

If you’re the kind of person that likes to go against the grain in terms of their food and when they eat certain foods, then you might like this one. Those who live in Indian have a real soft spot for their roast beef Manhattan dish, but we can’t help but think that they are mixing two different meals into one.

Eat Pre

That’s because this recipe includes a roast beef sandwich – which screams lunchtime to us – topped with a huge pile of mashed potatoes and gravy – which seems like a dinner thing. However, they eat the two together, and they seem to relish that they are mixing these differences into one.

Iowa – Dutch Letters

Iowa is steeped in Dutch history, and there’s no doubt about the fact that this culture has made its way into the culinary world of this state. In fact, you can see this within their Dutch Letters. While this isn’t the strangest food on the block, they are certainly unlike anything else we have ever seen.

Taste of Home

Shaped like the letter “S,” these pastries are filled with a delicious almond paste that normally oozes out of the ends in a strange fashion. However, they’re apparently pretty delicious, and we’re more than willing to accept that that’s the case. You do you, Iowa.

Kansas – Bierocks

Those who live in Kansas also know these things as “cabbage rolls,” and that might give you a little clue as to what’s in them. That’s because these little pasties are full of a savory filling that’s made from the likes of cabbage, ground beef, onions, and sometimes a few carrots if they’re feeling fancy.

Stuart Mullenberg

Of course, there are many variations around this state, but most people tend to stick to these few staple items. While most people love the taste of these things, they have had to accept the fact that the innards don’t exactly look like the most appetizing things in the world.

Kentucky – Wilted Lettuce

If you struggle to eat salad and healthy items in general, then a move to Kentucky might be on the cards. That’s because these guys don’t just eat their lettuce leaves and get on with their healthy lives. Instead, they cover their salad with any kind of fat that’s closest to them.

Feast and Farm

For example, they might heat up a load of bacon grease and pour it over their salad just because they want to. This supposedly wilts the leaves and leaves them a little less healthy, but apparently, that’s just the way they do things over there. Thankfully, we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Louisiana – Po’Boy

It can often be hard to decide what you want to eat, and sometimes you may feel as though you’ve made the wrong decision. If you are scared of making this decision and want to make sure that you eat everything you could possibly want and more, then maybe you should take a leaf out of Louisiana’s book.

Cook’s Country

A po’boy is a sandwich that has been around for a few decades now, and it quite literally consists of everything you could possibly want and more. This sandwich has layers of roast beef, fried seafood, lettuce, pickles, mayonnaise, tomato, melted butter, and sometimes mustard too. Some may say it’s too much, but the people of Louisiana say it’s just right.

Maine – Needhams

Are you a sweet lover? Or what about savory? Well, how about both? If Maine is on your bucket list, then you just have to try out their state delicacy – whether you ultimately like it or not. Normally, anything that includes coconut and chocolate in the recipe is pretty delicious, and we’d like to think the same for their needhams.

Taste of Home

However, there is one other ingredient that we’d like to point out. Maine potatoes are also used in this recipe to ensure that the coconut binds together, and this is a concoction of ingredients that we haven’t heard of before. The people of Maine seem to love it, though.

Maryland – Muskrat

Although most people eat animals every single day, there’s something about eating a rodent that just doesn’t seem to appeal to people – apart from the people of Maryland, of course. That’s because the people in this state regularly hunt or find this semi-aquatic rodent and then serve it up for their dinner.

National Outdoor Foundation

There are various different ways to cook these little guys, and while some decided to roast the muskrat and marinade it in some lovely sauces, there are others who choose to cut the meat and serve it in other ways. We can’t say we would like to try any form of muskrat but to each their own.

Massachusetts – Fluffernutter

The idea of weirdness is pretty subjective, right? Well, this is the perfect example of that. While the people of Massachusetts have no doubt put a few strange ingredients together into one recipe, it’s fair to say that this recipe sounds like a bite of heaven in our eyes.


That’s because their adorably named food is called the fluffernutter, and comes in the form of a sandwich. Between the two slices of bread in this sandwich, you will find a layer of peanut butter and a layer of marshmallow fluff. They are then squished together so that they can mingle, and prepare for their ultimate descent into the stomachs of people who love this state specialty.

Michigan – Faygo

This one may be cheating a little bit as it’s not a food, but the food in Michigan is actually pretty normal. What isn’t normal is the fact that everyone seems to drink Faygo like water. Yes, the people here just love this flavored soda, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the stores here have to have a constant supply for their demand.

MLive/Emily Rose Bennett

Of course, while there are various different flavors of the good stuff to drink when they’re feeling a little thirsty, it seems as though most people seem to gravitate towards the cotton candy-flavored Faygo. Does it really taste like cotton candy? Well, that’s still out for debate.

Minnesota – Grape Salad

When you think of a salad, there’s a high chance that you immediately think of lettuce leaves, maybe some tomatoes, cucumber, and even some mayonnaise thrown into the mix. While we’re no stranger to adding some apple or even a few raisins here and there, the people of Minnesota seem to go all out with the fruit in their salads.

Real Housemoms

As you can probably tell by the name, their grape salad consists of some rather large grapes, walnuts, and a whole load of sour cream. If you’re wondering whether this all goes together, then you might want to ask someone from Minnesota, because we’re not going to risk even trying it.

Mississippi – Koolickles

Do you like pickles? Do you like Kool-Aid? You might want to take a trip to Mississippi because there’s something you’re gonna want to see. That’s because the people of this state love both food items so much they have mixed them together to make their famous Koolickles.


This involves pickling pickles even further in a jar of Kool-Aid until they eventually taste like the drink itself. While they use all different flavors of this drink, the people of Mississippi seem to have a thing for the red cherry-flavored Kool-Aid, so they turn a bright red color. Well, whatever floats your boat…

Missouri – Toasted Ravioli

It’s fair to say that everything tastes better when it’s deep-fried, and that’s a fact. The people of Missouri love to abide by the rules of deep-frying, but they also like to play their own games every so often. That’s definitely been the case with their toasted ravioli, as this dish is rather unusual.

Save a Skillet

Hailing from St. Louis, this state specialty involves meat-filled ravioli that’s then coated in breadcrumbs and dropped into the fryer. To top the whole thing off – quite literally – is a scattering of parmesan cheese and a tomato dipping sauce. It looks delicious, but we’re not sure that traditional Italian chefs would agree.

Montana – Pasties

If you’ve ever been to Montana, you’ll know that the days get pretty chilly. Because of this, they long for warming, hearty meals that will keep their stomachs full and warm. We can only assume that’s why they love their pasties so much – because they seem to like them a lot.


Pasties are made from thick pastry that’s then filled with potato, meat, and all kinds of other vegetables to bulk it out. In fact, we have a feeling that the idea is to fill it up with as much as possible before it explodes. Of course, a true pasty lover couldn’t eat this mammoth thing without a whole load of gravy on top of it.

Nebraska – Cinnamon Rolls With Chilli

Although there’s no doubt about the fact that the people of Nebraska love this strange mixture, we have to include other Midwest states in this category – because they just can’t seem to get enough of cinnamon rolls with chili.

The Denver Post/Eric Lubbers

Most kids in Nebraska and the surrounding areas are taught to love eating the chili with a cinnamon roll from a young age because most schools offer it up as a lunchtime treat. So, this love for all things spicy and cinnamony has worked its way down through the generations and to every single human being in the state. It’s just a way of life for these guys.

Nevada – Buffet Food

Okay, so this might not be one particular dish or type of food – but that’s exactly why Nevada’s buffet food has made its way onto this list. If you have ever been to Las Vegas, you’ll know that this place is all about excess and extravagance.

Get Vegas

Because of this, they can’t just have one plate of food and be done with their meal. They have to try everything and anything, and that’s where buffets come in. Within these buffets, you can find whole buckets full of seafood and crab legs, and then right next door you can find burgers and fries. There’s a little bit of everything, and there’s just no rhyme or reason to it all.

New Hampshire – Cider Donuts

Donuts are pretty big around the world, and there’s no doubt about the fact that we love this sweet treat. After all, you can’t go wrong with sugary goodness, and donuts are full of this goodness. However, it seems as though they do things a little differently in New Hampshire.

Taste of Home

Instead of topping their donuts with icing and all kinds of weird and wonderful sprinkles, they like to put the fun in the dough instead. Yes, their donuts are made with cider, and it’s been said that this not only gives a little kick in terms of the drink itself, but it also adds to the flavor. Would you try a cider donut?

New Jersey – Taylor Pork Roll

There are very few people in this world who don’t like ham, but it’s fair to say that the people of New Jersey seem to love ham more than most. Of course, they don’t just like any ol’ ham. They have a particular fondness for Taylor Pork Roll, a brand of pork roll that actually hails from New Jersey.

Pearl Street Market

Gotta support the locals, haven’t you? They normally eat this processed pork in a roll with all kinds of toppings, but it’s the shape of the ham that really puts some people off. It’s perfectly circular and seems a little too perfect in every way. However, most of the people in this state seem to love it, so you can’t argue with them.

New Mexico – Green Chili Sundae

The people of New Mexico are known for liking a bit of spice in their diet, but we can’t help but wonder if there needs to be a limit to this love for chilis. Sure, they’re great, but do they really need to be mixed with ice cream? Caliche’s Frozen Custard in the Las Cruces area of New Mexico seems to think so.

Caliche’s Frozen Custard

This ice cream and hot dog joint has decided to experiment with a few ice cream flavors of the years, and people seem pretty obsessed with their green chile sundae. Consisting of frozen vanilla custard and salted pecans, this dish is then topped with a generous helping of green chilies to add that extra kick.

New York – Garbage Plates

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like your food to touch each other on the plates, then you might want to look away now. In fact, you might want to avoid the state of New York at all costs. That’s because this state is home to the famous garbage plate – which you’ll be happy to know doesn’t just get dragged out of the dumpsters.

Shutterstock/Brent Hofacker

There are many layers to the garbage plate, and the first one is a layer of macaroni salad. It’s then topped with French fries, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, hot meat sauce, mustard, and then some onions for good measure. We can only assume that this counts as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

North Carolina – Livermush

There are all kinds of different meats in this world, and we love the fact that people are more than willing to try new things and give anything a go. However, some of the meat choices do have us scratching our heads sometimes. That’s because some of them are just a little too strange – such as livermush.

Punk with a Palate

This meat can be found everywhere in North Carolina, and it seems as though people just can’t get enough of the ground-up pigs liver, spices and seasoning, and cornmeal. The end results are a few slices of food that looks pretty dry but is later topped with the likes of pickles and onions.

North Dakota – Lutefisk

It seems as though the people of North Dakota love to try out new flavors and foods, and it seems as though the lutefisk has stuck. This fish typically comes from Nordic countries, but the people of North Dakota have really taken a liking to it – and so they eat it on a regular basis.

Grand Forks Herald

This white fish is soaked in lye and saltwater for a while before its ready to eat, and this makes it extra pungent and salty – just the way they like it, apparently. As if that wasn’t enough, they love to eat a whole plate of the stuff with very little else on it. We won’t be joining them anytime soon.

Ohio – Skyline Chili

Are you planning on a trip to Ohio? If you are, you must try a bowl of Skyline chili. It’s probably unlike anything you have ever seen before, but why not give it a go? After all, it’s loaded with cheese. Underneath that mountain of cheddar is spaghetti that’s been mixed with a thin chili meat sauce.


This dish also sometimes includes red beans and raw onions, but that’s totally dependent on who decides to make it. Of course, what most people can’t quite get over is the fact that you can’t actually see the real food underneath all of that cheese. Can you ever have too much cheddar? We think not.

Oklahoma – Lamb Fries

It seems as though various states in the US are fine with eating the private parts of animals, and we’re not quite sure how we feel about that. Yes, that’s exactly what lamb fries in Oklahoma are all about.


This specialty is made from a lamb’s baby-making providers, and these are then covered in breadcrumbs and then deep-fried until they are crispy on the outside but still supposedly juicy on the inside. They are normally served with a cream gravy or with a tomato sauce, alongside a wedge of lemon. It’s definitely a niche meal, but the people of Oklahoma just love to be niche.

Oregon – Blue Star Donuts

Although donuts can be found across the globe, it’s fair to say that the people of Oregon believe that they have some of the coolest – and some of the weirdest – donuts that this world has to offer. That’s because the Blue Star Donuts bakery not only makes delicious donuts that can be eaten plain, but they also make delicious donuts that can come complete with all kinds of toppings.

Blue Star Donuts

These guys don’t play with the regular folk when they embrace their donut toppings, because they go for all things weird and wonderful. In fact, we have a feeling that they pick the weirdest toppings on offer just to make a statement.

Pennsylvania – Cream Chipped Beef

Heading to Pennsylvania anytime soon? Well, you might want to decide for yourself whether you want to add this dish to your food diary. Cream chipped beef is extremely popular in this state, but there are some people across the rest of the country who find the whole concept a little wacky.


After all, this dish is made using two slices of toast that are then topped with dried beef and a white sauce. It’s toasty and juicy all at the same time, and then you have to contend with the rehydrated beef in the middle. It’s a weird sensation in your mouth, but apparently the people of Pennsylvania like that.

Rhode Island – Chop Suey Sandwich

You’ll be happy to know that this isn’t just worms in a bun. This is actually a specialty of Rhode Island, and it’s called the chop suey sandwich. This sandwich was designed to be cheap and cheerful for those who didn’t have too much money but wanted to fill up their stomachs and avoid the hunger pains.

Road Food

That’s why they filled the bun with roast pork or chicken, celery, onions, and a whole load of bean sprouts that have been thickened in a soy gravy. The whole thing looks like something you’d see under the surface of the water, but apparently, it’s a real thing and not a decapitated octopus?

South Carolina – Chitterlings

While we don’t like to judge the rest of the world, we do have to question why people would choose to eat certain things – and that’s exactly what we’re thinking about chitterlings. Often called chitlins or chittlins, this dish is actually made from a pig’s small intestines, and that’s essentially all that it is.

All Recipes

This dish is often included within the “soul food” umbrella, and the intestines are boiled until they are fully clean. They are then normally served with apple cider vinegar, and they are sometimes even battered or fried. In short, they are made to look and taste as un-intestine-like as possible.

South Dakota – Chislic

If you’re a fan of your meat, you might actually be a fan of this one. That’s because South Dakota’s dish is pretty simple, and there are no frills attached to it. To put it simply, chislic is just cubes of meat that have been thrust into a deep fryer and then poked with a toothpick, so you don’t have to worry too much about using any cutlery.

South Dakota Chislic Festival

It’s normally served with crackers and garlic salt, and the idea is to make your own little cracker sandwich. While chislic is pretty normal, there is something a little strange about seeing meat in such small pieces, almost like cheese cubes.

Tennessee – Slug Burgers

If you’re currently wondering what on earth a slug burger is, you’ll be happy to know that it’s not a burger made from slugs. However, we wouldn’t have been surprised considering all of the other weird food on this list. Slug burgers are essentially deep-fried soy burgers that hail from Tennessee, but they are so much more than just veggie burgers.

Nashville Buy Local

They are then topped with onion, mustard, and pickle, and they are even sometimes served with a side of chips. Of course, the thing that’s most weird about this dish is the name. Slugs? We want to stay away from any slugs, thank you very much.

Texas – Deep-Fried Butter

Everyone loves a good ol’ snack, right? While most people chow down on chips, popcorn, or cookies, there are others who like to eat something else. In Texas, their snack of choice is very different. That’s because they eat deep-fried butter on a regular basis – and that’s exactly what you think it is.

Eats One Ate

To make this dish, people coat a stick of butter in breadcrumbs or batter and then throw it in the deep fryer. They are normally either put on sticks or made into little balls, and then everyone just eats deep-fried butter as if it’s no big deal and not totally unhealthy. But whatever floats your boat, you guys.

Utah – Jell-O Salad

If you want to remember one fact about Utah, you should probably remember the fact that green Jello is actually the official snack of this state. Yes, the people love it so much it has become a part of their heritage – and we’re not sure if that’s totally cool or totally not.

By Common Consent

Because Jello is such a big thing, the people of Utah will pair anything with this stuff. They will create a little Jello fruit salad made from pineapple and oranges and strawberries, but then they will try another kind of salad. That really is a vegetable salad inside of Jello, and that really is a thing that people eat. Why? Well, we don’t know.

Vermont – Sugar on Snow Supper

If you’ve ever been to Vermont, you’ll know that it can get pretty cold. In fact, it can get pretty snowy! While many people in this state are happy to simply look at the white stuff, it seems as though a large portion of locals also like it eat it. We hope they bypass the yellow snow when they are picking out the snow for their sugar on snow supper because that could be awkward.

Bennington Banner

So, what is this dish? A sugar on snow supper consists of a bowl of snow topped with maple syrup and served with a donut and sometimes a pickle. We don’t quite know how these flavors all work together, but apparently, they do.

Virginia – Brunswick Stew

There’s nothing quite like a warming stew on a cold day, is there? Well, if you’re heading to Virginia anytime soon, you might want to pick another stew on the menu. While the recipe of this stew varies from city to city, there’s no doubt about the fact that the main aim of this stew is to use up all of the last ingredients you have in the cupboard.

The Spruce Eats

This means that the mean is normally the stuff that people don’t want to eat, and the vegetables that nobody really likes. Despite the fact that some people seem to love this concoction, it just seems a little too risky for our liking.

Washington – Geoducks

Have you ever seen anything quite like this before? Because we haven’t. Washington is known for many things in this world, but what most people don’t realize is that it’s known for its population of geoducks. These edible saltwater clams are recognized by their rather phallic appearance, and because of this, they are often considered to be an aphrodisiac.


The people of Washington must be a group of loving folk because they love to add these clams to their food. They either serve them on their own as the main addition, or they break them up and add them into other dishes. It’s a no from us.

West Virginia – Fried Squirrel

Although it’s no secret that you can find squirrels across the globe, there’s something about the squirrels in West Virginia that just makes the people of this state want to eat them. So, that’s exactly what they do. There are various different ways to cook and prepare a squirrel, but those in this state specifically like to fry theirs to give it that extra crunchy flavor.

Cooking With Serena

They either eat it whole like that, or they shred it and then pair with the likes of mashed potatoes, peas, and gravy. It’s something that many people like to eat, but we have a feeling that some people have to try and forget that it’s a squirrel…

Wisconsin – Butter Burger

Cows are everywhere in Wisconsin, which is why it should come as no surprise to learn that you can bag yourself a burger pretty much anywhere you go in this wonderful state. You could try out a simple cheeseburger, you could add some bacon into the mix, or you could give your taste buds a new experience and eat a butter burger.

Road Food

While you might be expecting some kind of weird concoction of various different flavors, the method behind this burger is actually pretty simple. This is just a beef burger that’s completely covered in thick butter that oozes out of the bun. Most of the time you’re left with a pool of butter on the plate that you can then lick off…

Wyoming – Chuckwagon Breakfast

Are you headed off to Wyoming anytime soon? If you are, you’re probably gearing up to see a whole load of cowboys do their thing and live out their lives with their boots and their hats. However, what you might not realize is that the cowboy culture has also made its way into the culinary realm.

In the Kitchen with Jenny

That’s because the chuckwagon breakfast is basically one big ol’ plate of food that has been cooked over a fire, in the style of a cowboy. It normally consists of mashed potato, meat, and anything else you could possibly need to fill you up for a day of lassoing.