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Indiana Officially Has A Cheese Trail For Cheese-Lovers Everywhere

Cheese-lovers unite! It seems the time has come to fully appreciate all things cheese-related as Indiana officially has a cheese trail to showcase the incredible offerings across the state, and it’s just as good as you might imagine.

Becoming a cheese-lovers paradise

If you ask an avid cheese-lover the best place to head in The States to taste some of the best on offer, there’s a good chance they will point you in the direction of Wisconsin. After all, the state has long been famous for the various cheeses on offer. That doesn’t mean it’s the only state that has incredible cheese hidden inside the state. Indiana has secretly been sneaking up on Wisconsin in recent years and is now snapping at the state’s heels. It all started around a decade ago when local stores and dairy facilities began heavily investing in local cheese and has grown to new heights ever since.

The Indiana Cheese Trail is set to boost the industry

One of the best things about having so many popular cheeses and new flavors on offer is that Indiana now has its very own twist to add to the industry: The Indiana Cheese Trail. In fact, the American Dairy Association Indiana (ADAI) has spoken about how far the state has come in recent years and how the new trail is only set to boost the local industry. The best bit? It’s expected agritourism will reach $63 billion by 2027. Thankfully, it looks as though the cheese trail has come at just the right time.

Why is the cheese trail so popular?

One question on many people’s lips is why is the cheese trail so popular? It turns out one of the biggest reasons for the boost in the industry is the want from people to know where their food has come from and the faces behind the food. The Indiana Cheese Trail combines both, as people can travel the state, try different cheese flavors, and meet the people who have put their heart and soul into making the cheeses. To top it off, the influx of farm festivals across Indiana means the producers are at the center of the conversation more than ever before.

The Indiana Cheese Trail is longer than you might think

If you want to travel The Indiana Cheese Trail, then you might want to rethink your plans to dedicate a weekend to it all. That’s because it stretches the entirety of the state – yes, all 270 miles. The trail has been designed to be enjoyed in any order and at any time, with no set path to follow. Whatever the case, it includes the best dairy plants across Indiana and has just about every type of cheese someone could imagine when they think of the ultimate cheese trail.

Indiana officially has a cheese trail for cheese-lovers everywhere, and it seems the move has come at just the right time. Not only does it give dairy plants a chance to showcase their stock, but it gives us plenty of delicious things to enjoy, too.