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Here’s How London Became So Diverse With Its Dining

Every country has its own cuisine full of amazing delicacies. However, the great thing about the modern world is that plenty of these places also boast dishes from around the globe. Somewhere that’s become particularly good for this is London, with the city now considered one of the most diverse dining destinations around. How did this happen, though?

London might be a famous city, but it hasn’t always represented other cultures well

It might not seem that surprising that a city like London boasts such a wide range of dishes. After all, it’s one of the best-known capitals in the world, attracting millions of tourists every year. However, it wasn’t that long ago that London was criticized for its lack of diversity, with the range of cuisines here considered bland. As the city has grown in its foreign representation, though, so too has its restaurant scene. Nowadays, more than 300 languages are spoken in London, most of which seem to be reflected in some way by the food on offer.

Different parts of London specialize in certain foreign cuisines
Source: Evening Standard

Different parts of London specialize in certain foreign cuisines

Of course, London is a big city, and the place to find certain cuisine can differ depending on what you’re looking for. For instance, if you’re searching for Caribbean or Portuguese dishes, places south of the River Thames, like Brixton, are great for this. If you’re a fan of more eastern European or Asian flavors, such as Turkish or Indian, you’re better off in East London. This is all down to the types of people who were attracted to these areas years ago and have since made them their home. While you might find the odd restaurant specializing in these cuisines throughout London, they won’t be as prevalent as they are in these locations.

Not all cuisines are represented accurately in London's restaurants
Source: The Infatuation

Not all cuisines are represented accurately in London’s restaurants

Unfortunately, while London might now be one of the world’s most diverse dining destinations, that doesn’t mean it always gets things right. The delicacies on offer don’t always reflect the diversity of the cuisine they’re from, simplifying things and sticking to a select few favorite dishes. What’s more, some of these dishes end up lost in translation, with the food misrepresented and thereby failing to do justice to the original. That’s why it’s always worth checking out the smaller establishments, as these tend to offer more authentic creations.

Varied price points and elevated pub food have also helped matters
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Varied price points and elevated pub food have also helped matters

It’s more than just the range of food that has made London into the place for foodies to be. Other elements that have helped improve the city’s standing include the wide range of price points and the elevation of dishes. Even meals referred to as pub grub have largely taken a step up in London, proving why some eateries are now referred to as gastropubs. So, even if you’re after a classic English dish, you can still expect to be served something delicious.

Don’t believe us that London is the place to be for foodies? It could be time to visit the city and find out for yourself.