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Forget Rome, Bologna Is the Ultimate Foodie Destination in Italy

For some people, the whole purpose of a vacation is to discover new delicacies from around the world. Italy is a particularly great country to visit if you’re looking for a good meal, although it’s not in Rome that you should be focusing your interests. No, the city that you really want to be in is Bologna.

Why Bologna?

Unlike like Florence and Rome, Bologna isn’t the most popular city in Italy. However, that’s something that works to its advantage. The lower visitor numbers mean that the city’s best dishes are still some of the region’s best-kept secrets. Hidden amongst the ancient architecture are restaurants that serve some of the finest cuisine in all of Europe, and they’re places you absolutely must visit during your vacation.

Da Bertino

Da Bertino has been doing what it does best for over 40 years now, so you know this is a restaurant you can trust. Specializing in al carrello, you can have the joy of picking your preferred meats and sides here from a collection of roasted, boiled, or braised offerings. Having that choice makes the expertly-cooked food taste that much better.

Franco Rossi

When it comes to Italian cuisine, you’re probably familiar with many of their pasta dishes. Of course, something you might get at a restaurant back home is nothing compared to the real deal. Franco Rossi in Bologna is mostly-known for these traditional pasta meals, although the way they’re prepared is like something you’ve never seen before. Their take on lasagna is a particular treat.

Drogheria della Rosa

If you prefer things on the more experimental side, then maybe Drogheria della Rosa will be your eatery of choice. This restaurant loves to take classic Italian dishes and add a twist that catapults the food to a whole new level. You’ve never tasted fresh tortelli until you’ve had it with squacquerone, just like Drogheria della Rosa does it.

Danilo e Patrizia

You might have to go a bit out of your way to eat at this place, but the extra effort is definitely worth it. Danilo e Patrizia is another restaurant that puts pasta before all else – unsurprisingly – but with an added focus on foraged foods. Things like mushrooms and truffles appear by the bucketload in their meals, and what they bring to the dishes will truly change your life.

Explore Bologna’s streets

While these restaurants are all worth visiting, Bologna’s cuisine isn’t simply restricted to just sit-down meals. There are so many shops and stalls offering incredible delicacies that ensure the foodie in you is never disappointed. Places like Piazza Maggiore, Mercato delle Erbe, and Via delle Pescherie Vecchie are all just waiting to be explored by those who truly respect food. These are great places to spend a morning or afternoon when it’s not quite time for a proper meal.

While Rome and other Italian cities might be great foodie destinations, Bologna truly stands out from the crowd. If your stomach’s already rumbling at just the thought of this place, you know where your next vacation needs to be.