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Five Of The Best Vegan Restaurants Found Across New York City

Traveling when you live a particular lifestyle or have dietary requirements might not always be the easiest thing, but things have come a long way. Now, plenty of places offer up some of the most delicious food to suit everyone’s needs. The US is no exception, thanks to the best vegan restaurants found across New York City.

Source: Vegan Eats NYC

Urban Vegan Kitchen

Comfort food that’s vegan? That’s right; you can have all that and more if you check out one of the best vegan restaurants in New York City: Urban Vegan Kitchen. Vegan by name, vegan by nature. There are so many highlights from the restaurant that it can be tough to pick a favorite. However, the chick-un and waffles, mac n’ cheese, and buffalo wings with ranch – all vegan, of course – are some of the must-tries.

Modern Love Brooklyn

You might want to book a table before trying to grab a seat at Modern Love Brooklyn. Being one of NYC’s most popular vegan restaurants means the limited seating is often booked out each night. However, there are plenty of reasons to give it a try. Their vegan breakfast menu is filled with French toast and burritos, making Modern Love Brooklyn one of the best places for a vegan brunch in the world, let alone the city.

Source: Happy Cow


PLANTA Queen only touched down in the US from Toronto in 2021, but it quickly dominated New York City’s vegan scene. Here, you can enjoy plenty of Asian-inspired dishes surrounded by a lively atmosphere. Everything looks perfect on social media and tastes even more delicious. From pineapple fried rice to the bang bang broccoli – and the spicy rolls, of course – really add a dash of flavor to any day, all while being plant-based.

Dirt Candy

One of the best things about Dirt Candy is you never know what you’re going to get, making it a perfect pitstop for the adventurous vegan. Be sure to tell the restaurant you’re vegan before dining before tucking into the chef’s five-course tasting menu. At $90, it’s not the cheapest. Still, there’s a reason Dirt Candy is one of the best vegan restaurants found across New York City.

Source: Eater New York

Fat Choy

If you want somewhere that describes itself as “kind of Chinese,” you might want to take a walk to Fat Choy. Found in the Lower East Side, Fat Choy’s most famous and sought-after dish is the mushroom sloppy sandwich that’s packed full of gravy-soaked mushrooms and stuffed into a sesame bun. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without their salt and pepper fried cauliflower or fresh coleslaw if you really want to take in one of the best vegan restaurants found across New York City.

There are vegan restaurants, and then there are the best vegan restaurants found across New York City. Thankfully, these places know how to take our taste buds on an adventure with some of the best flavors from across the world, all packed into the plant-based scene dominating the City That Never Sleeps. Does it get any better than that?