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Feel Like Charlie At Some Of The Best Chocolate Factories In The World

Over 268 million people in America apparently ate chocolate and other candy in 2020. That’s more than three-quarters of the United States’ population that reportedly loves to chow down on some cocoa goodness. With that in mind, there’s probably quite a lot of people out there who’d love to visit some of the best chocolate factories. Located around the world, they’re a chocolate lover’s dream come true.

Maison Cailler, Switzerland

If there’s anyone that knows how to make delicious chocolate, it’s the Swiss. Brands like Lindt originated in Zürich, although it’s Gruyères you’ll want to go to for the Maison Cailler chocolate factory. Not only do you get to enjoy a tour of this establishment, but they also hold workshops here where you can get more hands-on with the chocolate-making process. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to taste the mouthwatering ingredients that go into Maison Cailller’s incredible products.

Haigh’s Chocolates, Australia

You might worry about chocolate melting under the Australian sun, but not at Haigh’s Chocolates. The factory is kept nice and cool for the candy-making process, as you’ll see for yourself on one of their free guided tours. With chocolate tasting and a complimentary drink available while you’re there, this is definitely a good way to pass an afternoon in Adelaide. Plus, if you’re not in the mood for chocolate that day, the factory produces other sugary confections, too, which might appeal more to your sweet tooth.

Perugina Chocolate House, Italy

When people think of Italian food, their minds mostly go to pizza and pasta. Chocolate might not be at the top of the list, but the European country is home to Baci. This is produced at the Perugina Chocolate House in Perugia, where a factory tour is not the only thing on offer here. Those interested in learning more about how the sweet treat is made will be happy to know they have a chocolate school that you can attend. Trust us; this is one school that’s worth going to.

Ethel M. Chocolates, Las Vegas

Most people go to Las Vegas because they’re looking to risk it all in one of Sin City’s many casinos. If you can tear yourself away from the slot machines for a few hours, though, you’ll want to head to Ethel M. Chocolates. Self-guided tours here allow you to see behind the scenes, with plenty of opportunities for chocolate tasting. The staff at this factory obviously know everything you could want to know about what goes into producing this candy, so don’t be afraid to ask them whatever’s on your mind. Plus, if you have the time, why not wander through the factory’s Botanical Cactus Garden? With over 300 species of plants to see, this is an excellent way to wind down after your tour.

Whether you’re looking to explore the world or plan on staying closer to home, there’s a chocolate factory tour for you. Just make sure you don’t fill up on snacks beforehand so your stomach can handle all the free chocolate you want to taste.