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Everything There Is To Know About Pintxos And Tapas

One of the many amazing things about Spanish cuisine is the fact that so much of it has been designed to eat with friends and family. Perhaps you’ve found yourself a little overwhelmed with all the technical terms? Have no fear; here’s everything there is to know about pintxos and tapas.

What are pintxos?

Pintxos are technically defined as a portion of food designed to be eaten as an appetizer, which occasionally comes on a toothpick. They are just like assembled snacks that can be put together by an individual with their own toothpick, called a pincho. They are often attached to a slice of bread, but they can also be made up of olives, fish, and pickled vegetables. Although they are found across Spain, pintxos are more commonly eaten in the northern parts of the nation.

What is tapas?

Tapas is technically defined as a small portion of food that’s designed to be served alongside a drink. There are no rules about what foods can and can’t be served as tapas. In fact, that’s part of the charm with the food as it lets people get creative with their dishes. Andalusia is the most famous region for tapas as it usually comes as a free side with a drink. Still, many restaurants now have menus entirely made from tapas.

What is the difference between pintxos and tapas?

One of the main differences between pintxos and tapas is the use of cutlery. Tapas tends to be eaten with someone’s hands, while pintxos are eaten with a skewer or toothpick. That’s not the only difference. Tapas is often a significantly reduced or free dish that’s offered to anyone who buys a drink in an establishment. However, pintxos are never free.

How to order pintxos

There are two different ways to order pintxos, and it all depends on the kind of food you want to eat. Some places have ready-made plates in a cooler that can be picked up and taken for you to enjoy. If the staff are there and pick up the plate before looking at you, it means you can choose what food you want, and they will dish it for you. If you want to order some hot pintxos, you have to order it at the counter so it can be cooked to order. The staff will then notify you when your food is ready.

How to order tapas

If you go to a tapas restaurant, the chances are you’ll get a menu with all the dishes on offer. You can then order as few or as many of the dishes as you like throughout your meal. They will be brought to your table, and you can cover the bill when you’re finished.

Learning everything there is to know about pintxos and tapas shows that things don’t have to be as scary as they first seem. In fact, learning about the dishes is the first step to getting out there and trying some of the delicious Spanish meals for yourself.