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Disney World’s New Space Restaurant Really Is Out Of This World

There’s been a lot of excitement around space travel recently, what with all the billionaires blasting off in 2021. It seems like Disney is cashing in on the excitement with their new Epcot restaurant that apparently allows you to enjoy a meal 220 miles above the Earth. What’s the deal with this new venture, though?

It’s not actually in space

Unfortunately, while Disney might say you’ll be able to enjoy a meal in space, it seems all is not as it appears. Although you’ll feel like you’re flying above the Earth, you’ll still be firmly on the planet while dining at Space 220. That’s because the venture is designed to replicate the look and feel of shooting up into space without doing it for real. We suppose that even Disney, with all the money at their disposal, doesn’t yet have the means to send people into space for a meal.

The experience is very immersive

While the restaurant might not actually be in space, you shouldn’t leave this immersive dining experience disappointed. As soon as you enter this establishment, you board an elevator that will make it feel like you’re actually zooming up into space. Once your ride stops, you’ll be able to walk through the space station into the dining room, where a selection of tasty meals await. Along the way, you’ll encounter areas like the ‘Grow Zone,’ where Disney appears to be growing ingredients to use in their food.

The view is something else

Once at the dining room, you might need to take a second to let what you’re witnessing sink in. Even if you know you haven’t left Earth, seeing the planet from afar on the “windows” may make you forget for a moment. The view is something you’ll be able to enjoy throughout your meal, with the image even reflecting real-time changes as they happen. Whatever the weather and time of day, you should be able to notice it when you look out into space.

The menu has something for everyone

This restaurant might be firmly on the ground, but the experience is still something you won’t find anywhere else. So, you can expect it to be a little pricey, though not outrageously so. If you want two courses, it’ll cost you $55, whereas a three-course meal will set you back $79. What you can eat varies depending on whether you’re having lunch or dinner. However, some of the menu options include ‘Starry Calamari’ and ‘Blue Moon Cauliflower,’ with ‘Supernova Sweets’ available for those having dessert. Whether you’re a meat-eater, vegetarian, vegan, or simply have a sweet tooth, there’s food here that should appeal to everyone.

This dining experience isn’t quite the thrill ride as the Mission: Space attraction that’s next door. However, that just means it’s the perfect complement for those who want an exciting way to unwind after a bit of astronaut training. Hopefully, restaurants in space will be a real thing before too long. Until then, though, this new venture by Disney should be more than enough to keep diners satisfied.