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Different Halloween Treats From Across The World

Halloween and food definitely go together. However, for most people, the latter consists of pumpkins and candy on this spooky occasion. That’s not the case everywhere, though. There are some unique delicacies associated with this time of year that are enjoyed across the world.

Pan de muerto, Mexico

Mexico is definitely one of the spookiest places to be around Halloween because of their Dia de Los Muertos celebrations. In preparation for the big day, people will often bake pan de muerto, which they then eat beside a loved one’s grave. This might seem morbid to some, but it’s a perfectly normal tradition in Mexico that helps to celebrate those who have passed away. The treat itself is a relatively simple baked good that different regions may flavor with different ingredients.

Barmbrack, Ireland

A loaf of bread containing sultanas and raisins, this treat is enjoyed by many people in Ireland on Halloween. The interesting thing about Barmbrack is that additional items are often baked into it, such as coins and cloth. These represent different outcomes for the year ahead, meaning your slice could bring prosperity or something far worse. Just make sure you don’t actually eat any of these non-edible items.

Huesos de santo, Spain

Are you a fan of marzipan? If so, you might want to spend some time in Spain around Halloween. The country is known for its delicious marzipan treats, huesos de santo, which tend to be filled with all sorts of sweet flavors. Chocolate, jam, and yogurt are all used to enhance the taste sensation of these snacks, whose design is supposed to be reminiscent of bones. The name huesos de santo does translate to “holy bones,” after all. This is definitely one for those with a sweet tooth.

Pão-por-deus, Portugal

Over in Portugal, the pão-por-deus is a popular treat for November 1, or All Saints Day. The name translates to “breads of God” and is made with coconut, lemon zest, and a dash of something strong. It’s typically served to children when they go to their neighbors’ doors and sing songs in honor of those who have passed away. This activity might be what inspired people to go trick or treating, with the pão-por-deus switched out for candy.

Candy apples, United States

One of the most popular Halloween treats in the United States is candy apples. Sweet to taste and easy to prepare, they’re a healthy snack wrapped in delicious sugar. This probably isn’t what they’re talking about when they say that an apple a day will keep the doctor away. However, when it’s Halloween, everyone can be forgiven for enjoying a candy apple or two while they’re out partying or watching a scary movie at home, right?

Some holidays are an excuse to stuff your face and not feel guilty about it. Halloween is definitely one of them, what with all the candy you can get your hands on while trick or treating. However, if you want something different to savor this Halloween season, these are the delicacies that are absolutely worth trying.