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Cheese-Lovers Can Finally Travel The World In Search Of The Best Cheese

If you’re a big fan of cheese, then you probably know there are hundreds of different types located all around the world. Some of these you can buy from your local grocery store, while others you have to travel the globe to discover. Fortunately, one vacation package is now making it easier than ever to do the latter.

You can travel the world for cheese at a price

Depending on your palate, a good cheese can be hard to find. The stuff that’s readily available isn’t always the greatest quality, even if it’s a type that you enjoy. Sometimes you have to go to where the product originates from, using the guidance of someone who understands what makes a cheese delicious. Fortunately, if you have $300,000 to spare, that’s exactly what you can now do through Air Charter Service. The company is offering vacation packages with an array of destinations so that you can find the cheese your heart desires.

You can travel as much or as little as you want

For your vacation to be everything you want it to be, Air Charter Service has enlisted the help of “cheese cheerleader” Laura Werlin. The James Beard Award winner will find out what your taste buds crave then plan a trip around the results. The itinerary is completely customizable to ensure that you get to sample the cheese that’s the perfect fit for you. What’s more, you’re not restricted to visiting just one destination. If you wish to travel the world in search of great cheese, the option is available to you. Just be aware that the more days you spend traveling, the more it’s going to cost you. $300,000 is just the starting price per person.

Your vacation will begin with a complimentary cheese board

Each trip Air Charter Service offers is different from the last. However, there are a few elements that are the same every time. For instance, your journey starts with some bubbles and a cheese board to get you excited for what’s ahead. The cheese you sample on the flight will likely vary depending on what Werlin thinks is suitable for your palate. You can trust her opinion on this because she’s written at least half a dozen books about cheese and is a highly requested speaker at food events. She’s exactly who you want to be traveling with on this cheese-filled vacation.

You get to sample cheese in all sorts of ways

How you get to enjoy cheese on your vacation depends on where you go and what you’re after. Some potential activities include dining at a five-star restaurant, meeting cheesemongers, visiting creameries, and so much more. Werlin will ensure that you get the most out of your trip and return home with a very satisfied palate.

$300,000 is a lot to spend on a vacation, especially one that doesn’t include accommodation and dining in the price. However, if you love cheese and want to sample what’s out there with a trusted expert, the price tag might just be worth it.