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A Greenland Michelin-Star Restaurant Might Offer The Most Remote Dining Experience Ever

Good food is just one element that contributes to an amazing dining experience. Location and uniqueness also play a role, with one restaurant definitely ticking the boxes in this regard. Did you know that a Greenland Michelin-star restaurant might offer the most remote dining experience ever?

Source: Lisa Burns

The most remote dining experience ever is located on a small island in Greenland

We know all about the most surprising Michelin-star restaurant, and now it seems we’ve found the most remote Michelin-star restaurant. KOKS is currently located in Ilimanaq, which has a population of around 50 people and is only reachable by boat. The little island can apparently take roughly 40 minutes to get to, depending on the weather conditions. With the destination being so small, there’s little to do here except appreciate the sights and enjoy the food that KOKS has to offer.

The most remote dining experience ever is only on Ilimanaq for the summer of 2022

Anyone interested in enjoying the most remote dining experience ever better be quick. KOKS is only taking residence in Ilimanaq for the summer of 2022. Its location is temporary between June 12 and September 8 before returning to the Faroe Islands. This is where KOKS was first established, and the location is still pretty isolated. There are only around 250 people that live in the village here, so you’ll still get a remote dining experience if you visit after September 8.

Source: The New Yorker

Tons of delicious dishes are available at the most remote dining experience ever

Whether you have time to visit KOKS this summer or not, it’s well worth hitting up when you have the opportunity. The restaurant has earned two Michelin stars over the last five years, partly thanks to its use of local produce and sustainable sourcing. You get to savor plenty of delicious food here, thanks to the 17-course tasting menu that really lets your taste buds branch out. All of this you get to enjoy while looking out over the water where icebergs drift by. Just note that only a few dozen people get to dine here every night, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to score a good reservation.

Source: The New Yorker

The area surrounding the most remote dining experience ever offers some unique opportunities

Come 2024, KOKS intends to have a permanent restaurant on the Faroe Islands. There are already plenty of reasons to visit this destination, and this just adds another to the list. Of course, a permanent restaurant means that KOKS might not return to Ilimanaq, so it’s best to make the most of it while it’s still there. Perhaps combine it with a vacation trekking the Arctic Circle in Greenland or simply exploring what the beautiful country has to offer? There’s tons of gorgeous scenery and rich history to appreciate here, including it being the origin of the Titanic iceberg.

Enjoying a meal at what might be the most remote dining experience ever is an experience like no other. If it sounds appealing, it might be time to book your next foodie vacation.