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A Budapest Michelin-Star Restaurant Now Uses A Ferris Wheel To Keep People Safe

2020 was a strange year for so many reasons. Several businesses had to learn how to adapt, including restaurants across the planet. It turns out that a Budapest Michelin-star restaurant now uses a Ferris wheel to keep people safe, and it’s everything we need.

Noticing the change

The global pandemic meant that many restaurants had to close their doors. Costes, a Budapest Michelin-star restaurant, was no exception. Owner Karoly Gerendai says that he instantly noticed a difference as the lack of tourists meant they were getting around one-tenth of the usual customers they served each week. That’s when Karoly started thinking about everything else in the city that was suffering due to lockdown and realized something: the Budapest Eye wasn’t running with as many people thanks to the lack of visitors. It only made sense to team up, right?

Staging the Ferris wheel event

Several restaurants have invented their own way to deal with social distancing and staying open throughout the pandemic. Some have created individual greenhouses, while others have designed hilarious hats with pool noodles to ensure everyone sticks to the guidelines. Costes decided it would be a great idea to team up with the Budapest Eye as it meant everyone could have their own individual dining pods – and enjoy a view of the city like no other. It seemed like the perfect way to find light in the situation, and many couldn’t wait to get their hands on tickets.

Enjoying the view

Tickets went on sale for approximately $155 per person that gave someone access to one of the pods on the Ferris wheel and a four-course sharing meal. It only took a few days before all of the tickets for the October event were gone. Thankfully, diners had plenty to look forward to as the likes of roasted root vegetables, duck liver terrine, stewed beef, grilled gnocchi, and poached pears were all on the menu. The best bit? It seems the restaurant in a Ferris wheel went down better than anyone could’ve expected as everyone reported they had a great time.

Planning for the future

Thankfully, it seems the October event might not be the last time this Budapest Michelin-star restaurant uses a Ferris wheel to keep people safe. Sadly, hosting the night in October meant that it was pretty cold, and the pods on the wheel didn’t have any heating, meaning Costes offered blankets for people to keep warm throughout their three-hour dining experience. However, it means the restaurant has learned from the experience and now hopes to offer it up again, even when lockdown comes to an end, and the world starts to go back to normal. The twist? Costes will just choose a warmer month to make the most of the Ferris wheel.

While it might have started as a one-off event, it seems this Budapest Michelin-star restaurant might have created something amazing by serving up dinner in a Ferris wheel. Perhaps there is some good to come from all the changes of lockdown after all?