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6 Of The Best Rooftop Bars Across The World

There is heading to a bar, and then there;’s heading for a night at a rooftop bar. What better way to enjoy a late summer evening and take in the view of the city below? That’s what we thought, and we’re not alone as these are just six of the best rooftop bars across the world that have got everything right.

Sugar – Miami

Believe it or not, but you’ll have to climb a staggering 40 floors before you make it to Sugar in Miami. Once here, the rooftop bar offers up a 360-degree view of the city while still feeling like a hidden garden. Once inside, it’s usually not long before people realize why Sugar is such a popular spot in the city.

folly rooftop – Dubai

Being so high means folly rooftop has the perfect view of the water below. Thankfully, there is so much to do here, including the restaurant, folly, on the floor below. Once you’re done, you can enjoy a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the rooftop bar that attracts visitors from all areas of town as well as plenty of travelers from across the world.

AER – Mumbai

Being on top of the Four Seasons hotel might mean it’s no surprise that AER is one of the chicest and posh rooftop bars on the menu. However, it has to earn a title as one of the best rooftop bars across the world thanks to the incredible views. The question is: what part of Mumbai can’t you see from AER?

The Pulitzer Terrace – Barcelona

Not only does The Pulitzer Terrace give an incredible view of the city’s main network, but it also features some of the hottest DJs in the area throughout the year. There is so much to see and do at this rooftop bar, thanks to the incredible drinks on the menu and the views of the surrounding area. The best bit? It has a new lease of life as soon as the sun goes down.

Frank’s Cafe – London

Frank’s Cafe is arguably one of the best places to take in the view of some of London’s most famous landmarks. Believe it or not, but the rooftop bar is actually a repurposed multistory parking lot. Thanks to the British weather, the bar is only open in the summer. Still, it’s large enough for just about every hip and happening person in London.

Le Perchoir – Paris

There are so many ways to take in Paris and the incredible city skyline, including from a rooftop bar. Everything here is boho-chic to its best as Le Perchoir rooftop bar comes with aromatic herbs, wooden tables, mismatched pillows, and cozy benches. As well as the incredible decor and stunning skyline, visitors can also enjoy a host of drinks on the menu.

These are just six of the best rooftop bars across the world, but they have earned their spot thanks to the incredible views, the atmosphere, and the sheer perfection they have created. Now we’re simply left wondering where to start on the list?