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Why People Are Swapping Bali for Siargao in the Philippines

Are you looking for an island vacation in Asia that’s not Bali? It seems you’re not the only one. Quite a few people appear to be trading the Indonesian destination for somewhere else, with Siargao a popular pick. This small island in the Philippines apparently has everything a tourist could ask for.

Beaches galore

Given that Siargao is an island, beaches are something you should naturally expect to find here. Thankfully, there are plenty of them dotted around the coast, and each one exceeds expectations. Places like Pacifico Beach boast golden sands and crystal waters that are the epitome of luxury. This is exactly where you want to be relaxing when the sun’s bearing down on you. Plus, you know that the place will never get trashed because there are clean-up operations here every week. The locals take good care of their land.

The sights are everything

You’d be hard-pressed to visit somewhere and not find at least one sight worth marveling at. However, Siargao seems to have these breathtaking views by the bucketload. Even the simplest things can leave you speechless, like the coconut palms that line some of the roads. In places, these trees seem to go on for miles, creating a forest that will leave you captivated. See it from the right angle, and you’ll realize that you’re in paradise.

Spectacular surfing

People might not specifically head to the Philippines to go surfing, but that doesn’t mean it’s not packed with excellent spots for riding waves. Siargao is one such place, with many visitors actually considering it the surfing capital of the country. Cloud 9, Jacking Horse, and Stimpys are just some of the areas where people can try their luck on a board, with the waves constant almost all-year-round. No matter your level of experience, you can really get a lot out of your surfing experience in Siargao.

Delectable desserts

We’d say that visiting somewhere solely for the food is always a good excuse. After all, every part of the world has its own sensational delicacies. In Siargao, one of the biggest draws food-wise is their desserts – their ice cream, in particular. The coconut flavor that you can find in places like Lokal is truly a slice of heaven. This could be the only thing you eat during your time here, and you wouldn’t go away feeling disappointed.

Party into the night

The nightlife in Siargao is a pretty big deal, and it seems the locals have an interesting way of celebrating once the sun goes down. Apparently, different venues throw parties on different nights, so the place to be is continuously changing. It keeps things fresh and exciting, and it ensures you see as much of the region as possible. If you’re the kind of person that loves to go wild after dark, just ask one of the locals where to go. They’re usually in the know about where the party spot is on any night.

You’ll never know if Siargao is the island for you unless you go there, something we can’t recommend enough.