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Which Hawaiian Island Suits You Best?

For many people, the state of Hawaii is a dream destination. Known for its incredible beaches, it’s traditional culture, and it’s delicious food, and it’s stunning landscape, it’s not hard to see why this is the case. However, many people simply lump the state of Hawaii into one single destination, when, in fact, this whole state consists of around 137 islands. While many of these are tiny little islands that rarely see visitors, there are four main islands that prove to be the most popular. But how do you choose which Hawaiian island suits you best?

The Island of Hawaii

As Hawaii’s largest island, many people believe that Hawaii is perfect for tourists – and they’re not wrong. This mountainous island offers impressive views no matter where you stand, and it really is something that needs to be seen to be believed. Of course, these mountains also make for varied activities for your vacation, as you could hike up volcanoes, you could ski near the crater, you could ramble through the rainforest, you could check out the white, sandy beaches, or you could check out the amazing golf courses on this island.


The island of Kauai is often called “The Garden Isle,” and if you choose to explore this destination during your vacation, it won’t take you long to understand why. Kauai is perfect for those who want to appreciate Mother Nature in all of Her glory, as it’s full of stunning nature walks, the most incredible waterfalls you’ve ever seen, rugged and cragged cliffs, and some of the most glorious beaches that the whole state has to offer. This is more of a scenic island for those who want to embrace hiking, boating, helicopter trips, and even more adventure.


For those looking to explore the traditional culture of Hawaii, then Maui should be your top dog. Known for its quaint and quiet villages and its endless rainforest, Maui is steeped in ancient tradition, flora, and fauna. This allows you to step away from the tourist trail and explore the real Maui. Alongside the people and the villages, Maui also offers incredible beaches that are perfect for people who want to head out into the ocean and watch for whales.


If you’re the kind of person who loves to try out new surfing sports, then Oahu should definitely be added to your bucket list. Oahu is known as the “Birthplace of surfing,” and there’s no doubt about the fact that the swell here is perfect for everyone from beginners to those who seriously want to ride the waves. Alongside this, Oahu has built up a reputation for having one of the best nightlife in the state. So, you could spend your vacation surfing during the day and partying all night, and we’re not sure what’s better than that.

Hawaii is a hugely popular destination, and unless you have the ability to spend a week on each island, it’s best to choose one island that suits you best.