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When Is The Best Time To Visit Egypt?

Egypt is a place that’s captivated many of us over the years. After all, it’s not every day we get a chance to visit somewhere so filled with ancient history. If you’re planning on taking a step back in time for your next vacation, then you might have found yourself asking when is the best time to visit Egypt?

The high season

Even though most of the Northern Hemisphere is bundled up in layers from October to February, Egypt is enjoying plenty of warm weather, making it perfect for a winter getaway. Although there is a slight chance of rain now and then, the nation primarily enjoys sunny weather and warm temperatures. This is great if you want to see everything that Egypt has to offer without getting caught in the scorching heat of the summer. Just remember that winter is the most popular time for visitors as they all want to enjoy some winter sun, so you might find it’s busier at top tourist locations from October to February than during the rest of the year.

The shoulder season

The shoulder season is best for visiting Egypt if you want to enjoy the locations, warm weather, and lack of crowds. That’s because most people tend to vacation elsewhere in the world between March and May and September and October as they want to catch the first or last of the summer sun. Traveling to Egypt in the shoulder season does come with some risks, as dust storms can disrupt some flights in the spring. Thankfully, it also comes with some potential benefits, as the summer heat can extend well into the fall, meaning you’ll get the warmth of the summer without the crowds of the winter. Beach lovers can also enjoy prime spots next to the Red Sea and The Mediterranean without having to battle their way through the large crowds.

The low season

Even though it’s the warmest time of the year in Egypt, June to August is the low season in the country as most people don’t want to cope with the blistering heat that can come with staying in the desert. The average daily temperature is often a whopping 108 degrees Fahrenheit. That being said, those that want to spend all day at the beach or the pool will often flock to Egypt, leaving hotel rooms a hard find and tourist locations wide open for anyone brave enough to risk the sun. It also means that beaches are often filled with tourists and locals all trying to cool down, and the risk of getting sick from the sun greatly increases for anyone underprepared for the heat. Still, it’s a perfect time to travel if you want to spend all day relaxing in the sun.

There are plenty of benefits to traveling to Egypt at all times of the year, and it all depends on the experiences you want from the nation. After all, wanting to explore all the ancient tombs and history of the country means you’ll probably want different weather to those looking for the sun.