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We Can Now Stay In The Apartment Block That Helped Inspire Squid Game

Few TV shows succeed the way the survival drama series ‘Squid Game’ did in 2021. By November of that year, it had amassed over 2.1 billion hours of watch time, meaning it had a ton of fans. Those fans would probably love to know that we can now stay in the apartment block that helped inspire ‘Squid Game.’

Source: Facebook/Architects need

Spain is host to some Airbnb properties that inspired the stairs in Squid Game

There are already plenty of amazing reasons to visit Spain, from the glorious weather and stunning beaches to the delicious dishes native to the country. Now, though, there’s even more reason to go there because one of the buildings believed to have inspired parts of ‘Squid Game’ is available on Airbnb. It reportedly inspired the show’s stairs, which offered some of the most eye-popping visuals in the series. The real-life designs were the work of architect Ricardo Bofill.

Source: El Mundo

La Muralla Roja’sRoja’s facades and stairs definitely look like they belong in Squid Game

Over the years, Airbnb has played host to some of the most jaw-dropping properties in the world. We can now add the likes of La Muralla Roja to the list. This building is an apartment complex in Alicante with a shared outdoor terrace and rooftop pool. The property is impossible to miss, thanks to its pastel facades and stairs that look like they’re straight out of some M.C. Escher artwork. While he worked in 2D, though, Richard Bofil’s architectural art is all three-dimensional.

Source: Airbnb

The interiors are less like Squid Game but make for a comfortable vacation setting

When you step inside this Airbnb property, you might not feel like you’re part of ‘Squid Game’ anymore. However, given what played out in that series, that might be a good thing. Nevertheless, just because the interior is different, that doesn’t mean it’s not a beautiful place to stay. For instance, one of the available apartments boasts some comfortable rattan furniture with cream curtains and intriguing artwork. Another has touches of bright orange decor, which we suppose do fit the colorful aesthetic of ‘Squid Game.’ What you get differs between apartments, but they all offer an equally enjoyable experience.

La Muralla Roja is in a perfect spot right by the beach

If you’re a fan of ‘Squid Game,’ seeing the exterior of La Muralla Roja will definitely make you feel like you’re in the TV show. That’s not the only reason to stay here, though. Aside from the apartments themselves being cozy, the building’s in a perfect spot. You’re only 55 yards from the beach, where you might encounter all sorts of sights. Even if you don’t want to relax on the sand, you’re so close to the coastline that you can gaze at the bright blue water from your balcony or the rooftop. Just make sure you protect yourself from the sun.

For the chance to feel like you’re a part of ‘Squid Game’ without putting your life in danger, a visit to La Muralla Roja is the way to go. It’s the dream Spanish vacation.