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Want To Swim With Pigs In The Bahamas? Of Course You Do!

Do you want to swim with pigs in the Bahamas? Of course you do! Do we even need to ask? While some of us want to head on vacation to relax or explore the rest of the world, some of us want an experience that’s totally out of this world – and we think that we might have found it.

The origin of the pigs

‘Where did the pigs come from?’ you may ask? There are many stories about their origin. Some believe they were left by sailors that never returned to pick them up while others think they were involved in a shipwreck before they eventually swam to shore. Another story says that the pigs escaped from a nearby island and made their home here instead, and some even believe that they were placed there to attract tourists. We may never know the truth!

Finding the pigs

Of course, you can try and find the pigs on your own, but that’s not always the easiest way to go about things. There are plenty of tour companies that take people to the island at all times of the day. It’s an uninhabited island, and being surrounded by more than 600 islands means that it might be tough to spot. It’s best to look at what each company can offer before booking your tickets to the island.

Spending time with the pigs

Once you’ve arrived on the island, you’re free to spend time with the pigs. They usually swim up to the boats as soon as they see them as they know that food is on the way. People often suggest arriving in the morning as the pigs might be a little full and little less social by the afternoon. As if that wasn’t enough, you can even spend time with the piglets on the beach once you’re done swimming with the pigs in the crystal-clear water.

Things to bring for the pigs

Your swimsuit should be at the top of the list of things to bring to swim with pigs in the Bahamas. However, a waterproof camera of a GoPro is also a good idea so that you can capture the moment. Believe it or not, but the waters are also filled with stingrays, so there are plenty of chances to see all kinds of sights on the island.

Warnings about the pigs

Sure, the pigs are cute, but it’s important to remember that they are also pretty large. People are handed snacks to feed the pigs throughout their swim. However, they only think about getting food and might swim through people as they hunt for their next meal. Thankfully, the pigs are friendly and don’t mean any harm – they’re just thinking of their stomach. Swimming with the pigs really is a once in a lifetime experience.

If you want to swim with pigs in the Bahamas, then look no further. Your next vacation might just become the best of your life thanks to an incredible experience like no other in the world. Swimming pigs? Yes, please!