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Utah’s New State Park Is Inspired By A Dinosaur

State parks are a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and with so many added to the list each year, it means there is no shortage of ways to get outside. Now, it turns out that Utah’s new state park is inspired by a dinosaur – and people love it.

Honoring the state park

Many of us love all things history, especially when it comes to the incredible creatures that used to roam the Earth. Believe it or not, but there are new species of dinosaurs found every year as archeologists and researchers continue to uncover secrets of the past. That was the case when the bones of Utahraptor ostrommaysi were found near the Dalton Wells area located in Grand County, Utah. As a result, the state decided to name one of its new state parks in honor of the dinosaur, and so, Utahraptor State Park was born. The dinosaur in question? It was a 600-pound bipedal carnivore – meaning it stood on two legs – that was covered in feathers and stood at more than 20 feet long.

Finding the remains

It turns out the Utahraptor ostrommaysi was first found back in 1975 when researchers found remains in the Dalton Wells Quarry. A few years later, in 1991, further remains and a large foot-claw were also discovered in the area. It seems that Utah was once filled with dinosaurs, as ten more dinosaur species have since been uncovered in the area surrounding Arches National Park. Utahraptor State Park is the perfect way to honor the fallen dinosaur of the past, and it seems no expense has been spared. It’s set to cover 6,500 acres and will come with over 150 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. The entire project was inspired by the idea of protecting the special land and to try and stop people from stealing fossils that could still remain across the space.

Not the only state park

As if one state park wasn’t enough already, Utah has only gone and knocked it out the park by announcing there is a second on the way. This is set to be named the Lost Creek State Park and will be found in Lost Creek Reservoir found in Morgan County. The land has always been popular for fishing, especially rainbow trout. However, the new state park means that hunting will be limited to waterfowl to try and protect the local Utah wildlife. Thankfully, there will still be plenty of opportunities to enjoy water sports and boating, thanks to the cast stretches on offer. Utahraptor State Park and Lost Creek State Park will officially become Utah’s 45th and 46th state parks and will cost up to $25 for the day and $40 for camping.

There are already so many state parks in Utah. However, one of the latest on the list is a state park inspired by a dinosaur, meaning the area can honor the fallen giants that once roamed the area. It’s certainly a new way to appreciate the history found across the state.