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Top Things Everyone Should Know Before Their First Trip To Paris

Heading to the City of Love can be an exciting time for most of us. So what if you want to know everything there is to know about the city before you get there? Have no fear, as these are the top things everyone should know before their first trip to Paris.

What do people wear to Paris?

Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world. However, that doesn’t mean you need to look runway-ready at all times. In fact, the best way to enjoy the City of Love is to travel on foot, meaning comfortable clothes and shoes are the best options for anyone wanting to get out and about. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to hold back if you want to head to a fancy restaurant.

How do you see everything in Paris?

If there is one thing you want to get in order before you head to Paris, it’s a list of things you hope to see and do. After all, the city is bustling with so many attractions that it can be easy to get lost in it all. Although there might not always be time to see everything you want on your trip, making a list of the top spots means you should at least know what you’re aiming for.

What is social etiquette in Paris?

One thing to remember in Paris is that many people are in a rush, so be sure to get out of the way if you can. That doesn’t mean no one has time to help. Just be sure to learn some basic French phrases before your vacation to be as polite as possible. When it comes to restaurants or cafes, be sure to choose a table and sit down before a waiter comes to take your order – and don’t forget to tip!

How do you get around Paris?

However, you decide to get around Paris, there is one rule to follow: be as unobtrusive as possible. That means putting your luggage to one side while using public transport and typically keeping quiet unless you’re asking someone for directions. Thankfully, trains run every few minutes in the city, meaning you won’t have to wait for long if they’re packed out during rush hour.

Are there things to watch out for in Paris?

Of course, it might be little surprise that petty crime can be common around tourist hot spots, such as museums or the Eiffel Tower. If something tells you something is off about someone, simply get away and head to somewhere with employees, such as a store or ticket desk. Thankfully, the majority of the city is pretty safe, especially thanks to the strong police presence. Paris also has a strong LGBTQ community, meaning people from everywhere are welcome and should feel safe.

The top things everyone should know before their first trip to Paris not only means that we’re prepared for the city, but it should also mean that we get to enjoy our vacation a little more as we look like one of the locals.