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This Spanish City Now Has The Most UNESCO Heritage Sites In The World

A UNESCO World Heritage Site must be one of “universal outstanding value” before it makes it way onto the list. The organization works hard to make sure that such wonders are protected from the rest of the world and anyone who might want to damage them. Now, one Spanish city has more UNESCO Heritage Sites than anywhere else on the planet.

Historic city center

Cordoba is filled with history, and the historic city center is now so important that it’s protected by UNESCO. The quarter is home to one of just three synagogues that still stand in Spain. Plus, like many other cities across the country, Cordoba’s historic center is made up forms twisting alleyways that make it feel as though you are lost in a maze. Thankfully, this is somewhere that most don’t mind getting lost as the ancient buildings create a fairy tale atmosphere.

Mezquita mosque and cathedral

The Mezquita of Cordoba was the first UNESCO Heritage Site in the city and is now considered to be one of the most impressive buildings in the world. Many different architecture styles have come together over the years to make up this religious building. It has been standing since around the 8th century where it has been adapted to the local culture and beliefs ever since.

The Cordoba Patios

Believe it or not, but these courtyards are open to the public. Many homeowners now come together to make sure they are always fully decorated. In fact, Cordoba now runs an annual courtyard festival as the patios are filled with flowers, trees, fountains, and accessories that all help to bring the space to life. All of the plant life helps to encourage a host of wildlife to the area. The best bit? People here party well into the night thanks to the warm weather.

Palace town of Medina Azahara

This is the latest UNESCO Heritage Site to earn its name as Medina Azhara was granted protection in 2018. The city was once one of the most glorious and luxurious on the planet. Now, the majority of the buildings are nothing more than ruins. However, they still help to bring the history of the fallen town back to life. It took around 10,000 workers to build the town and was completed in 936 CE.

Overtaking the greats

Not only does Cordoba have four UNESCO Heritage Sites, but it has the most in one city in the world. This means it’s even overtaken the likes of Paris and Rome with the number of historical places. However, the city still only has around one million visitors a year, compared to the almost 9 million that averagely visit Barcelona each year.

While Cordoba might have more UNESCO Heritage Sites than any other city in the world, it is still one of the planet’s best-kept secrets. However, with so much beauty and cultural history lying within the city, now could be the chance to take a step back in time.