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These Could Be The Best Gardens And Parks Across Australia

Australia is one of those countries where you just want to be outside. Warm weather, beautiful beaches, and a whole host of amazing sights make it an outdoor lover’s paradise. That’s not all, though, because the island is home to some of the most amazing gardens and parks too.

North Head

For incredible views, North Head is always great. It looks out onto the ocean in one direction, the city in another, with plenty of other scenic spots in between. It’s not just the gorgeous views that make this one of the best parks in Australia, though. There’s also a wide variety of historical features to capture your attention, from the former military barracks to the memorial walk. Any historian should add this place to their bucket list because every stop of the five-and-a-half mile loop of the park is worthwhile.

Hyde Park

Just because you stay in the city, that doesn’t mean you have to go far for a bit of nature. Hyde Park is the perfect example of this. A beautiful green spot in Sydney surrounded by skyscrapers, it’s home to some notable features like the Archibald Memorial Fountain and the Anzac Memorial. Whether you go for a walk here under the daylight sun or the glow of fairy lights at night, it’s a beautiful spot to spend some time.

Royal Botanic Garden

Love flowers? Then the Royal Botanic Garden is all you need. The collections here span from across the globe, with the flowers as enchanting and colorful as you could hope. Whether you only have an hour to spare or want to use up an entire day, this garden is more than capable of meeting your needs. You can even go on an Aboriginal Heritage Tour to learn more about the area’s history if you’re interested.

Centennial Park

If you don’t wish to explore on foot, Centennial Park is a good place to visit. Here, the vast expanse is perfect for going around on skates, bikes, or even horses. You can hire all of these at the park, so you don’t need to worry about bringing any of your own along. As you’re traveling around, you can enjoy all the sights, from statues and ponds to the Federation Pavilion. Those with young kids will also be able to keep the little ones entertained at the play area, complete with treehouse and water activities.

Cremorne Point

Another park that’s excellent for views is Cremorne Point. Here, you can see wonders like the Sydney Opera House in all its glory, with the area perfect for sitting back with a nice picnic. If you’re looking to keep active, there’s an almost two-mile loop you can walk to pass an hour or two. However, this is definitely the place to relax and enjoy the beauty that Australia has to offer.

Visiting Australia and not spending most of your time outside is something of a waste when there are so many parks and gardens to enjoy. Thankfully, the best gardens and parks across Australia give us all the excuse we need to get outdoors.